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sylvia plath thesis statement for an essay

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The applicant's hand is empty, so she provides "a hand" to fill it and willing to bring teacups and roll away headaches And do whatever you tell it Will you marry it? Throughout the poem, people are talked about as parts and surfaces. The suit introduced in stanza three is at least as alive as the hollow man and mechanical doll woman of the poem. In fact, the suit, an artifact, has more substance and certainly more durability than the person to whom it is offered "in marriage." Ultimately, it is the suit which gives shape to the applicant where before he was shapeless, a junk heap of fragmented parts. I notice you are stark naked. How about this suit- black and stiff, but not a bad fit. Will you marry it? It is waterproof, shatterproof, proof Against fire and bombs through the roof.

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However this system got started, both men and women are implicated in its perpetuation. As in many of Plath's poems, one feels in reading "The Applicant" that Plath sees herself and her imaged personae as not merely caught in-victims of-this situation, but in some sense culpable as well. In "The Applicant the poet is speaking directly to the reader, addressed as "you" throughout. We too are implicated, for we too are potential "applicants." people are described as crippled and as dismembered pieces of bodies in the first stanza of "The Applicant." Thus imagery of dehumanization begins the poem. Moreover, the pieces described here are not even flesh, but "a glass eye, false teeth or a crutch, / A brace or a hook, / Rubber breasts or a rubber crotch." we are already so involved in a sterile and machine-dominated culture that we are. One is reminded not only of the imagery of other Plath poems, but also of the controlling metaphor of Ken Kesey's One Flew over the cuckoo's Nest, written student at about the same time as "The Applicant" -in 1962-, and Chief Bromden's conviction that those people. "The ward is a factory for the combine bromden thinks. "Something that came all twisted different is now a functioning, adjusted component, a credit to the whole outfit and a marvel to behold. Watch him sliding across the land with a welded grin." In stanza two of "The Applicant Plath describes the emptiness which characterizes the applicant and which is a variant on the roboticized activity of Kesey's Adjusted Man. Are there "stitches to show something's missing?" she asks.

Betty Friedan describes the late fifties and early sixties for American women as a "comfortable concentration camp"-physically luxurious, mentally oppressive and impoverished. The recurring metaphors of fragmentation and reification-the abstraction of the individual-in Plath's late poetry are socially and historically based. They are images of nazi concentration camps, of "fire and bombs through the roof" ( "The Applicant" of cannons, of trains, of "wars, wars, wars" ( "Daddy" ). And they are images of kitchens, iceboxes, adding machines, typewriters, and the depersonalization of hospitals. The sea and the moon are still important images for Plath, but in the Ariel poems they have taken on a harsher quality. "The moon, also, is merciless she writes in "Elm." While a painfully acute sense of the depersonalization and fragmentation of 1950's America is characteristic of Ariel, three poems describe particularly well the social landscape within which the "I" of Sylvia plath's poems is trapped: "The. However, the "courtship" and "wedding" in the poem represent not only male/female relations but human relations in general. That job seeking is the central metaphor in "The Applicant" suggests a close connection between the capitalist economic system, the patriarchal family structure, and the general depersonalization of human relations. Somehow all interaction between people, and especially that between men and women, given the history of the use you of women as items of barter, seems here to be conditioned by the ideology of a bureaucratized market place.

sylvia plath thesis statement for an essay

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virginia woolf, a room of One's Own, the dialectical tension between self and world is the location of meaning in Sylvia plath's late poems. Characterized by a conflict between stasis and movement, isolation and engagement, these poems are largely about what stands in the way of the possibility of rebirth for the self. In "Totem she writes: "There is no terminus, only suitcases / Out of which the same self unfolds like a suit / Bald and shiny, with pockets of wishes / Notions and tickets, short circuits and folding mirrors." While in the early poems the self. One moves-but only in a circle and continuously back lab to the same starting point. Rather than the self and the world, the. Ariel poems record the self in the world. The self can change and develop, transform and be reborn, only if the world in which it exists does; the possibilities of the self are intimately and inextricably bound up with those of the world. Sylvia plath's sense of entrapment, her sense that her choices are profoundly limited, is directly connected to the particular time and place in which she wrote her poetry.

The self in the world: The social Context of Sylvia. Plath's Late poems, critic: Pamela. Annas, source: Women's Studies, vol. Criticism about: Sylvia plath (1932-1963 also known as: Victoria lucas, Mrs. Ted Hughes The self in the world: The social Context of Sylvia plath's Late poems, (essay date 1980) In the following essay, annas offers analysis of depersonalization in Plath's poetry which, according to Annas, embodies. Plath's response to oppressive modern society and her "dual consciousness of self as both subject and object.". For surely it is time that the effect of disencouragement upon the mind of the artist should be measured, as I have seen a dairy company measure the effect of ordinary milk and Grade a milk upon the body of the rat. They set two rats in cages side by side, and of the two one was furtive, timid and small, and the other was glossy, bold and big. Now what food do we feed women as artists upon?

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sylvia plath thesis statement for an essay

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Flies filing in through a pollution dead skate? Are all ugly and unnatural images with an intensely negative undertone and a feeling of self-loathing. With this view of life, it is quite possible to understand why this man wants to kill himself. Yet at the end, just before he number hits the sea, plath suddenly twists the whole poem on its head by saying? The forgetful surf creaming on those ledges? By adding this beautiful phrase at the end, Plath includes a cruel irony : after searching for so long for something positive and being unable to find it, he finally sees something possibly worth living for.

S poems contain some kind of obscurity but Resolve is the most interesting as it centres around making common images appear obscure. Two water drops poise on the arched green stem of my neighbor? A milk-film blurs the empty bottles on the windowsill?, it is unclear how these two things are connected until one realises that they aren? T meant to be related. It is this random obscurity that Plath seems to be obsessed with in suicide off Egg Rock, where the man sees many obscure images as he falls and is? Rippled and pulsed in the glassy updraught?

(a royal colour ). The question that needs to be asked is whether Plath is sympathetic or mocking Miss Drake. By depicting her as a feeble woman being ambushed by splinters in the floor, one might be tempted to assume that Plath is sympathetic toward Miss Drake, but having considered the banal diction and lack of emotion and lyrical phrasing, it seems that Plath. The concept of morbidity is another commonly found subject found in Plath? In suicide off Egg Rock, plath draws us into the mind of a man as he jumps off a cliff into the sea.

All of the scenes that this man sees as he falls are pictured as incredibly ugly and painful, reflecting his state of mind and his perceptions. The hotdogs split and drizzled?? He smoldered, as if stone-deaf? Everything shrank in the sun? Are offensive and agonizing, thus helping the reader appreciate and relate to his pain and punishment, which is described as? A machine to breathe and beat forever?.?Ochreous salt flats, gas tanks, factory stacks?? His blood beating the old tattoo?? A mongrel working his legs to a gallop hustled a gull flock to flap off the sandpitt?? His body beached with the sea?

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This and her detailed observation of the? Almost incites sympathy for her as this mad woman is? And panic stricken by the? Bright shards of broken glass? Another disillusioned idea that Miss Drake has is that she is important. This is first noticed in the title, slogan which grandly encapsulates a mad woman stumbling to tea in a mental institution but is reverberated through? No novice in those elaborate rituals? And the fact that she is wearing?

sylvia plath thesis statement for an essay

The tortuous and enigmatic adjectives used to describe furniture (?knotted table and crooked chair?) illustrates the obscurely twisted perception of Miss Drake as bang she clumsily? Lifts one webbed foot after the other?, pretending she is a duck? Her bird-quick eye cocked askew? The paranoia conveyed as? She edges with wary edge? Grain the floorboards and outwit their brambled plan?, clearly shows her fear which is exacerbated from the impression given that she is small and vulnerable? Footing sallow as a mouse?

drumming up, sound, ground, pounding, thudding source, vertical tonnage of metal and wood ; stunned the marrow, greased machines? Her feelings toward this kind of intensely physical experience appears to be one of oppression arising from the male? S pleasure and female? It is this bitterness toward males, which has been re-echoed here as in maudlin. S second obsession is with madness. The clearest example of this is found in Miss Drake proceeds to supper. The paranoia, constant delusions and obscure perceptions described in the poem convey a deranged fear, which has arisen as a result of her insanity.

He is given an arrogant, macho image too:?With a claret hogshead to writing swig, he kings it? S sourness becomes apparent when Jack? S lifestyle of luxury is compared to the repressed and disturbed life of suffering which the? The idea of sleep-talking evokes her pain and suffering, leaking from her subconscious. Her torment does not end on the inside however, according to Plath who describes further physical and mental torture endured by women who painfully beautify themselves for the pleasure of men like jack:?at the price of a pin-stitched skin fish-tailed girls purchase each white leg? Furthermore, plath justifies the virgin? S choice to endure the pain:?The sign of the hag? (the virgins fear of aging). Another poem which is strongly sexually orientated, but in a more mechanical and lustful sense, is Night Shift.

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Plath, sylvia, essay, research, paper, even in her earlier poems, sylvia plath displays an unhealthy preoccupation with sex, essay madness, morbidity and obscurity. There seem to be a number of common themes running through all of, plath? S poems, which encapsulate her personal attitudes and feelings of life at the time she wrote them. Of these themes, the most prevalent are: sex, madness, morbidity and obscurity. The whole concept of sex to Plath appears to be a very disturbed and resentful one. This is conveyed strongly through the poem. Maudlin (a poem about self-pity) in which Plath evokes her bitterness toward masculinity with the aid of the two characters, the virgin and, jack. Jack is described as having a? (ie: cold hearted and impregnable).

sylvia plath thesis statement for an essay
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  1. Once you have formulated a thesis statement that fits this pattern and with which you are comfortable, you are ready to continue. Mirror by sylvia plath poetry Presentation ap essay prompt The theme of identity tone Imagery The theme of mortality Rhyme, form and meter Critical perspective 1 Prompt: read the following poem carefully. Plath, sylvia essay, research Paper.

  2. Argumentative essay - thesis Statement - watching television makes people smarter? Argumentative essay (5 different subjects) need hook, thesis, topic. Music and Politics - how to write this argumentative essay? The thesis statement tells the reader what the essay will be about, and what point you, the author, will be making.

  3. Bearing the title an essay upon the government of the english plantations 5 memorial of benjamin harrison respecting the trade, and collection and. Sylvia plath s poem Mirror reflects this obsession with aging and decay, which is an attitude shared by numerous other writers including William faulkner, as evidenced in his short story a rose for. 2 pages (500 words) Essay. The self in the world: The social Context of Sylvia plath 's Late poems, (essay date 1980) In the following essay, annas offers analysis of depersonalization in Plath's poetry which, according to Annas.

  4. What Went Wrong for Sylvia plath? In Sylvia plath, all these causes can be duly noted. But still we wonder: why? Is it not possible to have more specific answers, more scientific approaches?.sylvia plath mirror click to order essay where should a thesis statement be in a paper I wrote this for the long essay during my public exams, spm.

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