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positive peer review

Peer - review process

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Committee on Publication Ethics. Peer review and Manuscript Management in Scientific journals: guidelines for good Practice. Wiley-blackwell: Oxford, uk, 2007. Writing a journal article review. Australian National University: Canberra, australia, 2010. How to write a peer review for an academic journal: Six steps from start to finish. Mdpi review Reports Sharing reviewers may suggest that a manuscript may be more appropriate for publication in another mdpi journal. To save time and effort, authors would have the possibility to request the transfer of review reports to another mdpi journal.

positive peer review

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These comments should be specific enough for authors to be able to respond. Specific comments referring to line numbers, tables or figures. Reviewers need not hibernation comment on formatting issues that do not obscure the meaning of the paper, as these will be addressed by editors. Note that mdpi journals follow several standards and guidelines, including those from the icmje (medical journals consort (trial reporting top (data transparency and openness prisma (systematic reviews and meta-analyses) and arrive (reporting of in vivo experiments). See the publishing Standards and guidelines page or contact the editorial office for more details. Reviewers familiar with the guidelines should report any concerns they have about their implementation. Your comments should not include an indication of whether you think the article should be accepted for publication. For further guidance and about writing a critical review, please refer to the following documents: cope ethical guidelines for peer reviewers.

Accept after Minor revisions : The paper is in principle accepted after revision based on the reviewers comments. Authors are given five days for minor revisions. Reconsider after Major revisions : The acceptance of the manuscript would depend on the revisions. The author needs to provide a point by point response or provide a rebuttal if some of the reviewers comments cannot be revised. Usually, only one round of major revisions is allowed. Authors will be asked to resubmit the revised paper within ten days and the revised version will be returned to the reviewer for further comments. Reject : The article has serious flaws, makes no original contribution, and the paper is rejected with no offer of resubmission to the journal. Review Report review reports should contain: A brief summary (one short paragraph) outlining the aim of the paper and its main contributions. Broad comments highlighting areas of strength and weakness.

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positive peer review

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Are the methods, tools, software, and reagents described with sufficient details to allow another researcher to reproduce the results? Interest to the readers: Are the conclusions interesting for the readership of the journal? Will the paper attract a wide readership, or be of interest only to a limited number of people? (please see the aims and Scope of the journal) overall Merit: Is there an overall benefit to publishing this work? Does the work provide an advance towards the current knowledge? Do the authors have addressed an important long-standing question with smart experiments? English level: Is the English language appropriate and understandable?

Manuscripts submitted to mdpi journals should meet the highest standards of publication ethics: Manuscripts should only report results that have not been submitted or published before, even in part. Manuscripts must be original and should not reuse text from another source without appropriate citation. For biological studies, the studies reported should have been carried out in accordance with generally accepted ethical research standards. If reviewers become aware of such scientific paper misconduct or fraud, plagiarism or any other unethical behavior related to the manuscript, they should raise these concerns with the in-house editor immediately. Overall Recommendation Please provide an overall recommendation for the publication of the manuscript as follows: Accept in Present Form : The paper is accepted without any further changes.

The final decision is made by the academic editor (usually the Editor-in-Chief of a journal or the guest Editor of a special Issue). Accepted articles are copy-edited and English-edited. Note that your recommendation is visible only to journal editors, not to the authors. Rating the manuscript Please rate the following aspects of the manuscript: Originality/novelty: Is the question original and well defined? Do the results provide an advance in current knowledge? Significance: Are the results interpreted appropriately?

Are all conclusions justified and supported by the results? Are hypotheses and speculations carefully identified as such? Quality of Presentation: Is the article written in an appropriate way? Are the data and analyses presented appropriately? Are the highest standards for presentation of the results used? Scientific soundness: is the study correctly designed and technically sound? Are the analyses performed with the highest technical standards? Are the data robust enough to draw the conclusions?

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Timely review Reports mdpi aims to provide an efficient and high quality publishing service to authors and to the scientific community. We ask reviewers to assist by providing review reports in a timely manner. Please contact the editorial office if you require an extension to the review deadline. Peer-review and Editorial Procedure All manuscripts sent for publication in our journals are strictly and thoroughly peer-reviewed by experts (this includes research and review articles, spontaneous submissions, teresa and invited papers). The managing Editor of the journal will perform an initial check of the manuscripts suitability upon receipt. The Editorial Office will then organize the peer-review process performed by independent experts and collect at least two review reports per manuscript. We ask our authors for adequate revisions (with a second round of peer-review if necessary) before a final decision is made.

positive peer review

In this case, reviewers should feel free to let us know if the manuscript has been improved or not compared to the previous version. Confidentiality and Anonymity reviewers should keep the content of the manuscript, including the abstract, confidential. Reviewers must inform the Editorial Office if they would like a student or colleague to complete the review on their behalf. Mdpi journals operate single or double blind peer review. Reviewers should be careful not to reveal their identity to the authors, either in their comments or in metadata for reports submitted in Microsoft Word or pdf format. Some journals offer authors the possibility to publish review reports with their paper and for reviewers to sign their open review reports, however this will only be done at publication with your express permission. If this is the case, it will be noted in the message inviting you to review. In all other cases, review reports are considered confidential and will only be disclosed with the explicit permission of the reviewer. Note that reviewers are given access to all review reports for manuscripts they review via the online submission system after the final decision has been made.

the. Publons Academy, which provides training in how to conduct peer review. Invitation to review, manuscripts submitted to mdpi journals are reviewed by at least two experts. Reviewers are asked to evaluate the quality of the manuscript and to provide a recommendation to the external editor on whether a manuscript can be accepted, requires revisions or should be rejected. We ask invited reviewers to: accept or decline any invitations quickly, based on the manuscript title and abstract; suggest alternative reviewers if an invitation must be declined; request an extension in case more time is required to compose a report. As part of the assessment, reviewers will be asked: to rate the originality, significance, quality of the presentation, scientific soundness, interest to the readers, overall merit and English level of the manuscript; to provide an overall recommendation for the publication of the manuscript; to provide. The editorial office will check as far as possible before invitation, however we appreciate the cooperation of reviewers in this matter. Reviewers who are invited to assess a manuscript they previously reviewed for another journal should not consider this as a conflict of interest in itself.

Please note reviewer vouchers must be summary applied before acceptance. Vouchers can no longer be applied once an apc invoice has been issued. Receive a personalized reviewer certificate. Are included in the journals annual acknowledgment of reviewers. Are considered for the journals outstanding reviewer award. Can build your profile on, publons and have your reviewing activity automatically added for participating journals. Publons profiles can also be integrated with. Invitation to join mdpi volunteer reviewer Database. If you are interested in reviewing articles for one or more of our journals, please register your contact details, including your.

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We are sincerely grateful to scholars who give their time to peer-review articles submitted to mdpi journals. Rigorous peer-review is the corner-stone of high quality academic publishing. — the mdpi editorial team. Please check the, instruction for Authors and, aims and Scope of the journal if necessary, choose a ousticsActuatorsAdministrative sciencesApplied System SciencesbeveragesBig Data and Cognitive technologiesClimateClocks sleepCoatingsColloids and matterCorrosion and Materials and FractionalFuture InternetFuture journal of Environmental Research and Public healthInternational journal of Financial StudiesInternational journal. Benefits of mdpi volunteer reviewers, peer review is an essential part in the publication process, ensuring that mdpi maintains high quality standards for its published papers. Reviewing is often an unseen and unrewarded task. We are striving to recognize the efforts of reviewers. When reviewing for mdpi journals you: Receive a discount voucher code entitling you to a reduction in the article processing charge (APC) of a future submission to any mdpi journal. Vouchers issued to specific individuals are not transferable and must be mentioned during the submission procedure.

positive peer review
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(7:09) Download In August 2015, the publisher Springer retracted 64 articles from 10 different subscription journals after editorial checks spotted fake email addresses, and. The top 11 tips for implementing an effective peer code review process for your team.

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  1. Some say peer reviewers encroach on the rightful domain of the principal as instructional leader. Others argue that, because. F1000Research is an innovative open access publishing platform offering immediate publication, open peer review and full data deposition and sharing. Charlotte haug on the growing number of article retractions attributable to peer - review fraud.

  2. A look at seven districts'. Peer, assistance and, review programs shows what it takes for this approach to succeed. Peer review of teachers is controversial for several reasons.

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  4. Most academic papers today are published only after some academic peers have had a chance to review the merits and limitations of the work. This seems like a good idea, but there is a growing movement. Advocates for youth champions efforts that help young people make informed and responsible decisions about their reproductive and sexual health.

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