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Clayey soil and acidic soil should be avoided. Caring For The Snails, after getting the shelter ready, you have to make them habitable for the snails. Line the pen or tank floor with thick layer of substrate ( soil, small stone or granite. Spray the tank every other day with water (warm water) to maintain relative level of humidity. Change the substrate every week, remove leftovers often, rodents and other small insects that can harm the snails are attracted by the smell of decaying foods. Clean the snail slime on weekly basis, if you are rearing the snails in tanks or wooden cages. Handle the snails the care when transferring them. Feed them regularly, avoid feeding them with foods containing salt or sugar.

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So, your snail house must wallpaper be located in an area that is protected from wind and much sun light. Snailery vary from small container williams when breeding in a small scale, to very large snail pens, you may house your snails in: A well glass or plastic ventilated tank. A well ventilated wooden cage. For large population of snails, a trench may be dug or make a concrete pen. (Note: the shelter must not have big openings and the ventilated parts must be covered with net/gauze to prevent them from escaping and to protect the snails from predators). See also: How to start Rice farming With Modern Farming Technique. Fill the house with substrate (soil, small stones, pieces of wood and other things common in a typical habitat). Soil is the major part of a snail habitat, because it contains components and chemical substances the snails need to survive. The snail shell is mainly calcium and it is derived from the soil. The snails get all the amount of water they need from the soil, it lays its eggs in the soil, and burrow deep inside. So, a sandy-loamy soil is recommended, because it doesnt hold water for long and its not easily drained.

The species underlisted are lucrative in West Africa. Achatina fulica (The east African land Snail) known commonly as the giant African snail or giant African land snail. Achatina Achatina (Giant Ghana Snail or Tiger Land Snail) common name the giant Ghana snail, also known as the giant tiger land snail, is a specie of very large, air-breathing land snail. Archachatina marginata (Giant West African Snail) the giant West African snail, is a specie of air-breathing tropical land snail. They can grow up to 20cm long, and live up to 10 years. Making Home for The Snails, the next stage is provision of shelter for the snails. They are very fragile animals that must be properly sheltered in favorable weather condition to aid book their growth, mating, and laying. Snails are easily dehydrated, exposure to much wind leads to loss of water, resulting in dryness of the animal.

plantain farming business plan pdf

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Clear a little portion of land in the rainy season. Sprinkle the fruits spice on the spot you cleared around 5pm 6pm. Go back to check the spot after 2 or 3 hours, you will pick up snails suitable for rearing. Repeat the procedure until you get enough quantity. See also: How to start Edible mushroom Farming In Commercial quantity. Snails are nocturnal animals (very active at night and they have biography high sense of smell. They are drawn to the sweet smell of foods in the surroundings. For those in areas essay where there is no bush, the best way is purchasing your stock. Whichever method you may adopt, make sure you have different species to fast-track the breeding rate, the growth of your business, and to meet consumers demand.

Snails are hermaphrodite they possess both male and female reproductive organs; this makes it difficult to differentiate between the male and the female gender. Snail is rich in protein and irons, low in fat, and contains almost all the amino acids needed by human. How to procure Snails For your Farm. There are two major ways of procuring snails for rearing purposes, either by purchasing life snails or catching the snails yourself. If you decide to purchase the snails, it is advisable to purchase from those who are already into the business of snail rearing, so, they can give you the best breeds. By doing so, you will be on the safer side. . Or, you can take your destiny into your hands, by picking different breeds of snail yourself. To make the task easier follow these steps. Get different variety of fruits like pineapple, pawpaw, banana, avocado.

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plantain farming business plan pdf

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There is this wise saying: If you are not idle, you are succeeding a little. So, start climbing the success stairs by starting up a small snail farm beside your apartment. To begin, you need to know what snails feed on and the list of snail food. Snail breeding is one of the numerous businesses that you can start with a very little capital, easy to manage and consume lesser amount of energy and time, you have the rest of your time for other things. Snail breeding is a lucrative business that generates profitable income if properly managed. Click here to buy best ebook on Snail Farming in Nigeria. Before we go into the snail food, you need to understand step by step how to start and manage your snail farm.

As a result of increased awareness on the profitability of snail farming, many entrepreneurs are beginning to delve into the business of snail rearing, processing and export. This business also has its pros and cons like other businesses. Understanding this will be a good thing. This care guide will attempt to shed light on snail breeding snail rearing, feeding, including other things that may be of importance homework to someone interested in breeding snails. Heliculture : The science, practice and occupation of growing snails for food, its making them feel as if they are in their natural habitat.

That is, go for the specie that favors well in your area or location. But be that as it may, whatever the breed of goat that you wish to rear, make sure it passes de-worming and Vaccination tests. Goat is vulnerable to stomach worm and other inner parasites. As such, make sure your goats have a clean bill health. Check out a good Specie, here, veterinarians.

Ensure you have meeting with a veterinary doctors close to you for occasional checkup and inoculation. This is critical if you plan to keep the mortality rate in your farm at the most reduced level. You can utilize government establishments close to you or engage the services of a private veterinary. Related: How to Start and Manage a creche business. With all these set up, you are to a great part ready to engage in your goat farming business. Since goat does not really feed on prepared animal feeds, your cost of operation will be significantly reduced in light of the fact that they will be eating consistent nutritious forages, plants which can be easily sourced and supplemented. Do you have any question concerning how to Start goat Farming Business in Nigeria? We can help you to provide the right answers to your questions. Kindly drop your questions/Contribution in the comment box below.

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They frequently jump at the sight of bad weather to writers stay indoors, especially when it is raining. They also exhibit similar atmospheric response when the climate is too hot. Choose a good Species to Start goat Farming Business. There are vast number of goat species and breeds appropriate for various rearing raising. Some are useful for milk, some are useful for the meat, other are best for the fur. Be that as it may, there exists some goat species that can consolidate all these functionalities. A few does well in certain range than others, you have to go for the one that is most adaptable in your domain.

plantain farming business plan pdf

It is therefore required of you to make adequate preparations for this. Fencing is Important to Start goat Farming Business. Construct short border fence round your goat house or make use of barbwire fence. Barbwire is more defensive and appropriate for goats and very design effective for keeping off predators. Unique.2m fencing may be required to keep goats. As goats have an attitude of breaking the hedge, electric fencing is now even more utilized. Lodging, build a reasonable goat house for your goats. This house is required to guard them from rain and other atmospheric conditions. Goat dont tolerate unfavorable weather conditions.

too near to the ground to avoid them earing worm pervaded plants. They like keeping enough separation from each other. Goat dont care for a regulated environmental condition, guaranteed that you have enough portions of land for your goats to wander about freely while feeding at the same time. You need to know what number of goats should be kept on a portion of the land? On a standard rating, 10 goats should be kept on one hectare of land, if you expect to keep up to 500 goats, you will require 50 hectares of land. Understand that goats multiply quickly a pregnancy may result to the bearing of twins.

Start goat Farming Business, personally, i have decided to make a swift turn to invest in Agriculture especially in the production of farm animals and the production of fishes in ponds and this resume has been yielding a great profit and I have no regret for. Most African countries have neglected the opportunities in Agriculture without knowing that they can make it big from it especially in animal production. . African countries depend on mineral resources as their main source of revenue which by any means will affect their countries in the future. One way to correct and avoid these emerging problems is to explore the opportunities in Agriculture and in animal production. In this article the knowledge of starting a goat farming business is exposed. . Pasture, goats are generally domestic farm animals. They eat a wide variety of nutritious plants. These are mostly foragers of weeds and leaves composition and they could eat diverse sorts of plants at various seasons and even days.

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This domain is parked free of charge with. NameSilo offers the british cheapest domains on the Internet as well as: free whois Privacy, free parking (you keep 100 of the revenue!). Industry leading Domain Security, powerful Domain Management tools, fast, simple and Easy Processes. Api access, no hidden fees! Start goat Farming Business In this article the knowledge of starting a goat farming business is exposed. . I have also written on different items needed to make this business successful. Goat farming Business is one of those businesses that can fetch one billions of naira this year whether you have capital or not. It is one of sidelined businesses many people have failed to see the opportunity inside. . people think that this business is demanding hence, they neglects.

plantain farming business plan pdf
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