Hardware and networking professional resume

Resume cv : Hardware networking Engineer

hardware and networking professional resume

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Loaded and installed 2 W2K advance servers, and installed 1 W2K server to run hp openView to manage the local lan. 9-01 to 1-02,. Pre sales engineering of customers networks for the purpose of discovering and documenting problems that may arise in the engineering and implementation various tivoli products at all of the customers locations though out the United States. Engineered a comprehensive deployment plan for implementing the tivoli software with nodes as noted in Additional skills, for the customers as well as corporate. Engineered and implemented a backup strategy along with a disaster recovery plan in the event that the servers or critical network components should go down to prevent lost revenue. Implemented a dual server with raid to mirror critical data between the two servers for the propose of a disaster recovery in the event of a server crash, fire, natural disaster. Implemented hp openView.x and hp node manager on a solaris platform, and Deployed CiscoWorks 2000 lms, including Ciscoview, resource manager Essentials, campus Manager, sysEdge snmp agent and install and configure tavve event Manager. Terry village veterinary Clinic 3-01 to 8-01, network Engineer, analyzed lan to determine what were the major problems and improvements needed to be made to the network infrastructure.

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Testing and debugging skills includes various Protocol Analyzers, and SmartBits. Network monitoring using tivoli, hp openview, cisco works, and Cisco works 2000 lan management Solution lms, including, management Server, device fault Manager, cisco view, campus Manager, resource manager Essentials, netscout probes. Security and tools include Checkpoint, gauntlet, and Cisco pix firewalls, Nmap, cisco secure, cyberCop, and CyberCop Server. Professional experience, euroNetSoft Inc./ acs 2-02 the to 6-02. Network Administrator, analyzed lan to determine what were the major problems and improvements needed to be made to the network infrastructure. Reengineered the lan to provide more reliable service and to reduce the latency, analyzed the nt domain in the austin office to determine all the problems. Engineered a plan for the deploying Windows 2000 Advance server in an existing Windows nt 4 domain structure, implemented these changes along with providing the day-to-day administration of the nt domain, and network services. Provide disaster recovery when Corebuilder 3500 failed that was being used, as the sole backbone switch, causing no lan/wan access to local servers, workstations, and offsite servers. Set up a new Cisco 1721 router with Firewall services that provides the Internet connectivity at aus in Austin, for the purpose of securing the network from outside intrusions, and Denial of Service Attacks dos. Rebuilt 3 nt 4 servers adding more hard drive space and reloading.

Enrolling for a course in sla institute is almost like applying for a job! Get Trained 2 Get Placed in Top mnc's Grab the opportunity which comes on your way, you will be successful If you don't save, your changes will be lost. Resume, resume 1, samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the web and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made. Harry todd, qualifications summary 18 years in the communications field with 14 in the computer field. Engineered, and implemented lan/wan networks using variety of Hardware/Software. Supported users, desktops, and networks requiring troubleshooting, and analytical skills. Has a full understanding in the use, and connection of the Internet/Intranet, lan/wan using isdn,.25, X400, X500, microwave, satellite, csu/dsu s, routers, Switches, and Access Servers with Ascend, cabletron, 3com, cisco, using 56k, t1, T3, fddi, frame relay, engelsk atm, sonet, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, and token. Has an understanding of tcp/ip, netBios, ipx/spx, rip, vlan, igrp, bgp, hsrp, ospf, igrp, rmon, egrp, and bgp4.

hardware and networking professional resume

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Our Training Our Hardware and Networking course comprised of training on basics resume to all important concepts pertaining to mcse, ccna, a training n training. Trending topics in Hardware and Networking courses are covered in the syllabus so that the candidate will be equipped with latest techniques. Once the theoretical training on topics is over, trainees can practice laboratory sessions with trainers assistance. With gradual proceedings, trainees are taken to advanced topics from basics without any difficulty to follow and practice Enroll Now! Corporate office, gar.10,. T rajan Salai,. K nagar, Chennai-600078 Mob: Landmark:Near Shivan Park, karnataka bank building. Bus route branch office, anna nagar.13L,2nd floor, Indus Valley's Bhagawathi palace j block, 3rd avenue, anna nagar, Chennai-600102 Mob: Landmark: K4 Police station, vasan hotel Dental Care building. Bus route If you don't save, your changes will be lost.

Can the world businesses run without computer? World will collapse without computers! Irrespective of the sectors, almost every company has a it helpdesk to support the employees with technical issues on their computer. So, recruiters of every company will be in need of hardware and networking professional. Like every other invention, computer evolves to further advancement every day. There is a need for professionals to keep themselves trained with latest techniques. Sla's Hardware and networking training in Chennai ensures the adequate skills required to survive as hardware and networking professional.

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hardware and networking professional resume

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Gowtham trained in ccna got Placed in "HP" as "Network Engineer". Its our great pleasure to inform you all that Our summary sla candidate anitha trained in mcse, a, n got Placed in "HCL" as "Support Engineer". Its our great pleasure to inform you all that Our sla candidate run. V trained in ccna got Placed in "mind tree" as "System Administrator". Its our great pleasure to inform you all that Our sla candidate evitha trained in mcse, a, n got Placed in "Infosys" as "Desktop Engineer". Hardware networking course syllabus: A (Basics of Hardware) N (Basics of Networking) mcse-70-410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server hours mcse- 70-411:Administering Windows Server 2012 mcse-70-412 Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services mcse-70-413:Designing and Implementing a server Infrastructure mcse-70-414: Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure ccna- 200-120. Current Hardware networking Openings, desktop Support Engineer - 20 Openings (Click to Know more).

Network Engineer - 18 Openings (Click to Know more). Hardware Engineer - 11 Openings (Click to Know more) nbsp ; Trainee system Administrator - 26 Openings (Click to Know more). Our hiring partners our student testimonials plan unique features why hardware networking? Is there any office without a computer? Can this world exist without computers?

Students also learn to establish and apply security measures to various physical and logical network elements and troubleshoot problems related to local and wide area networks. . Network installation, monitoring, maintenance, upgrading, and optimization are covered as well. In addition, the network systems Engineer program helps students prepare for certification examinations in seven areas, including Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) a, net, security, cisco certified Network Associate (ccna microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (mcts and Microsoft Certified it professional (mcitp). Admissions Requirements, students must meet all of the pre-requisites listed below, meet their financial obligations with the college, and acknowledge their understanding of the colleges policies and procedures provided in the student handbook, prior to starting classes. High school graduation or equivalent, or mature student status.

Pass college's admissions test. Best ccna training in Chennai hardware and Networking course in Chennai. Syllabus (Approved by hr's of leading it companies). Sla softlogic Academy offers exclusively designed. Hardware networking courses in Chennai with corporate approved syllabus which is effective in securing job for the trainees. Following the principle "Need of the hour we have drafted syllabus in accordance with the expectations and approval of HRs belonging to top it companies. Hardware networking training which includes in, mcse, a, n courses. Its our great pleasure to inform you all that Our sla candidate.

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Onix Academy, tamil Nadu, jetking, aptech training Institute, atlantus, delhi. Grey matter Systems Pvt. Mindware technical Organization, delhi, for high positions, in addition to these degrees, large and leading employers prefer certain certifications (for lan/wan administration) of global standard and recognition such as Microsoft's mcse; Cisco's ccna or ccnp or ccie; novell's cne; unix admin; linux admin, and. Professionals with proficient and expert knowledge and expertise in isps, tcp/ip, security fundamentals, etc., are highly appreciated and paid. The network systems Engineer program in bc prepares students for a career in the Information Technology field. The program teaches students to use a variety of computer software spondylolisthesis and other technological essay tools to perform essential business tasks, use fundamental system commands for operating systems, and apply a structured process to problem solving. Students will also learn to install, configure, and upgrade physical and logical elements on a network, and administer a network client environment.

hardware and networking professional resume

The most prominent among these are hardware manufacturing companies, it companies, telecom companies, bpo and kpo companies, banks, financial institutions, academia, credit card companies, software companies, system design companies, hardware repair shops, call centers, and other entities associated with use of computers and information technology. Students with 102 with science background are highly suitable for courses in computer hardware and networking. For computer hardware courses at diploma and degree levels are commonly provided by numerous accredited colleges, universities, and training institutes in all across India. Again, for networking, a diploma or degree in computer science, electronics, telecommunication, or electrical, is most suitable. The following are the most reputed and popular institutes for computer hardware and networking courses in india at diverse levels: Centre for development of Advanced Computing (cdac). Gt computer Hardware attwood Engineering College, gujarat. Indian Institute of Hardware technology, uttar Pradesh. Indian School of Networking hardware technology, new Delhi.

parts, configuring PCs, installation of diverse software, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, and many other hardware related things. After diploma or degree in computer hardware, students can preferably pursue a prolific course or certification in computer networking, to acquire adequate knowledge and ample expertise in lan and wan. The lan (Local Area network) shares necessary and useful information and resources within the desired premises through Intranet, with vital help of products like windows nt, unix, solaris, netware, etc. This lan can further be easily connected with the Internet with the help of internetworking devices like routers and Switches. The wan (Wide Area network) is a broad and complex combination of Internet and Intranet. The following are the main and significant careers in computer hardware and networking in India or abroad: Network Administrators, hardware Engineers, network technicians, service technicians. Network Programmers and Analysts, network managers, chief Technology Officer (CTO). Network security In-charge, enormous employment opportunities are available for hardware and networking professionals in most of the major and fast developing cities of India, both in the governmental and private entities.

Computer Hardware serves as the foundation for building and short highly progressive career in the computer Networking. The computer hardware deals with the specific function of every physical component or part of the computer (such as processors, motherboards, random access memory, etc. assembling and disassembling of these parts, and the overall performance of a computer. On the other hand, the computer networking is concerned mainly with connecting or linking two or more computer systems for the ultimate purpose of sharing necessary information and useful data. The computer networking typically involves devices like routers, switches, gateways, hubs, network interface cards, access points, modems, isdn adapters, network bridges, networking cables, firewalls, and many other computer hardware items. Professionals engaged in research and manufacturing of computer hardware and development and management of computer networking are known as the hardware and networking engineers. Today, ever-improving computer networking is highly helpful to the fields of consumer electronics, industrial automation, scientific and technological research, supercomputing, defense, biomedicine, enterprise management, and various other professional and commercial fields.

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At present, the computer hardware for and networking field is certainly one of the fastest growing areas in the sector of computers and information technology in India. Copious jobs are available in all across the country in governmental and private sectors at varying hierarchic levels. These hardware and networking jobs offer high salaries, rapid progress, lavish facilities and perks, and optimal job security. An ever-increasing number of individuals using computers and internet, computer hardware and it companies, and sophisticated services like broadband Access, virtual Private networking (vpn voice over Internet Protocol (voip hi-tech Video conferencing, etc., all are in great favor of tremendous growth and prosperity in the. Booming e-commerce, e-governance, and other internet and telecom-based applications (like remote servicing and Interactive voice response, ivr) are to boost further rapid progress in this galloping field. Hence, career in hardware and networking in India is bound to be highly prolific, lucrative, and prosperous at present and in future times. Therefore, ours this sumptuous and hugely productive article is going to provide detailed and discerning information regarding hardware and networking careers and abundant hardware and networking jobs in india.

hardware and networking professional resume
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  1. Other professional and commercial fields. So, recruiters of every company will be in need of hardware and networking professional. Like every other invention, computer evolves to further.

  2. Notepad, professional Edition.1.21. Register as a job seeker to submit your Resume. Computer Hardware and Network setup and Troubleshooting. At present, the computer hardware and networking field is certainly one of the fastest growing areas in the.

  3. Networking components, specialized hardware and software associated with networks, and how. Students will also prepare a professional resume and learn. Nsasoft, hardware, software Inventory is a network inventory software that can scan all computers on a network and.

  4. Ccnp (Cisco certified, network, professional ) seviyyesində network.systems and networks connecting servers around the globe necessitate the skills and expertise of a professional hardware and networking engineer. Templates, resume, review Salaries Company search. Security hardware and software, enforcing the network security policy, and complying with.

  5. Telecommunications professional with significant experience in network design, test plan. In-depth knowledge in networking and network protocols,. Establishing the networking environment by designing system configuration, directing.

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