My favourite season summer essay

Why summer is my favorite season of the year Essay

my favourite season summer essay

Rainy season Essay

One of them was Jack london's «White fang». I really liked the book. It is about a wolf dog, very devoted and fair, capable of great and sincere affection. Many people today lack these qualities. I would like to have such a four-footed friend. This summer i also went to the sea, visited my grandmother, and spent the rest of the time at home. In July, i had a trip to the sea with my family. The weather was nice, so we swam and sunbathe.

141 Words Essay on my favorite season (Rainy season)

We got up early, took our fishing rods and went to the nearest lake. We caught a lot of set fish. Summer is the most wonderful time for. I always look forward to summer holidays. Summer is the most beautiful time of the year. The three summer months give us a lot of new short impressions. Summer is the time when I can do everything I like. I like to play football, swim in the river, go to the forest, and travel. This summer I did a lot of sports — i played football in the school stadium almost every day. During this summer holidays, i walked, bathed and sunbathed much. When it rained, i read books.

This doesnt mean that I dont like spring, winter or autumn, but the fact that you do not need to get up early to go to school and you neednt do your homework every day makes summer my favorite season. During dillard my summer holidays, i do everything I like most of all. I play football, spend time with my parents and friends. Usually, i spend my summer holidays in the country. I like growing fruit and vegetables. My dad always tells me something interesting about plants and nature. I like to walk in the summer forest with my friends or with my parents. We often go to the river. This year we went fishing with my dad.

my favourite season summer essay

My daily routine Essay for Kids point Wise daily routine

In August, i went to the country to visit my grandparents. I have many friends in the village where my grandparents live and we spent time together. We went swimming and fishing. My summer holidays fly surprisingly fast. Now the school year has just begun, but I'm already waiting for new vacations, new impressions and new friends. My summer holiday  - short essay. I like summer very much.

My parent Essay for Class 3 (147 words)

my favourite season summer essay

Short essay on the monsoon season

In June, together with classmates, we went to a camp. I liked the sea camp very much. We played sports games, competed in various sports, took part in various competitions. In the evenings, we went to the disco. I enjoyed discos as I like music and dancing. I made a lot of new friends and got to know my classmates better than at school.

When I returned home after the camp, together with my parents employed we went to the Crimea to have a rest by the sea. We stayed in a nice hotel in feodosia. I really liked the stony beaches, blue sea, and numerous excursions. Mom and Dad allowed me to scuba dive and I saw the life of the seabed. I also visited the water park, made trips on a motor ship, and rode horses. My rest by the sea was unforgettable.

I had a lot of fun. I took many photos and made new friends. Holidays in summer camp. I spent this summer holidays in the summer camp «Star». The camp is not far from the volga river. It was very interesting in the camp.

We swam there, played soccer and other games, watched concerts, and went to the discos in the evenings. We also went on excursions and visited many interesting places museums, art galleries, theatres. I made many new friends. I really enjoyed in the camp. How I spent my summer vacation. My summer vacations this year were interesting and memorable. Every day was filled with events.

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I liked my summer holidays very much. Holidays by the sea. This year I spent most of the summer holidays in the city. At weekends, i went short to the country with my family. In July, we went to the Black sea. I liked the sea very much. I swam and sunbathed. I even saw dolphins.

my favourite season summer essay

For example, last year I went to a hockey game in Tampa bay to watch the tampa bay lightning. The year before that, i went to Atlanta to watch an Atlanta. Holidays in the country. Summer english is my favorite time of the year. Summer holidays are the longest. This year I spent my summer holidays in the country. Most of the time i walked, cycled, spent time with my friends. When the weather was hot, we went to the river. In the evenings, i helped my mother water the beds in the garden.

a lot of joy. As you may know, there is a two week period in which school is put on recess. All the kids get excited because they get to take a break off from having to do homework, to have time to play and have fun. This two week period in winter is also where most religious holidays are celebrated like christmas, hanukah, and Kwanza. Last but not least, winter is my favorite season because the nhl hockey league runs primarily through winter. Hockey is my favorite sport. Every hockey season, i go to about 15 Florida panthers games. On special occasions, my parents will take me to a hockey game in a stadium that ive never been.

Every winter me and my family take a trip to north Carolina to a place called beech mountain. The first time i went to beech mountain, i was 12 years old. As soon as we started to climb up the mountain in our car, little white speckles started to fall from the sky. Then before i knew it, it started to snow. This was the first time me and my family had ever seen snow. We stopped the car and went outside to touch the snow. The snow was really soft and was way colder than i expected it.

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Winter with its beautiful white snow. Spring blossoming with flowers and chirping birds. Summer with the amazing sunny days to go out and explore. Fall with its magical leaves that surround the luscious landscape. These are all the beautiful seasons that we get to here on earth. However, out of all these wonderful seasons, winter is my favorite season of them all. Winter is a magical time in which i enjoy getting to take a part of every year. To start, fruit with winter, you know it is going to snow.

my favourite season summer essay
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  1. Why summer is my favorite season Essay - 1007 Words. Think about how you would answer this question: Describe your favourite season in your country. Last but not least, winter is my favorite season because the nhl hockey league runs primarily through winter. Home essay my favourite customs and traditions in kazakhstan.

  2. To sum up, according to all these points, that I have mentioned, i can firmly say, that summer is my favourite season. Best essay from evolution Writers. Choose month for each season The winter months are The spring months are The summer months are The.

  3. Why, summer. Favorite, season of the year, essay, favorite. Summer is my favourite season followed closely by Spring but hey down here in sunny.

  4. I like summer because of sunny, hot and cloudy weather. My summer holiday - short essay. Not need to get up early to go to school and you neednt do your homework every day makes summer my favorite season.

  5. My, favourite season is the rainy season or the monsoons. The dark mass of clouds is a blessing and is eagerly awaited after the scorching summer heat. My favourite season is summer.

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