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extensive resume

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Apple: developer tools Group llvm compiler Group Manager and Compiler Architect December 20 In this time period, my group expanded use of llvm within Apple, supported new clients, built new features, and extended llvm in many ways. We shipped llvm-gcc.2 in the Xcode.1 and major improvements for it in the Xcode.1.1 release. In addition to llvm-gcc, much of the work during this time was focused on Mac.6 development. I made major contributions to design and implementation of the "Blocks" language feature as well as to the architecture and design of the language and compiler aspects of the Opencl gpgpu technology. Finally, during this period i architected and started implementation of a suite of front-end technologies based on llvm, named " Clang ". Apple computer Inc: developer tools Group Senior Compiler Engineer and Tech lead June 2005 - december 2006 I drove llvm productization, features and applications at Apple. Llvm link-time optimization support is now integrated into the Apple system linker, and llvm is used by the Apple OpenGL group for several different purposes. My main contributions during this time was a new llvm-gcc4 front-end, significant improvements to the X86 and PowerPC backends, a wide range of optimization improvements and new optimizers, significant improvement to the target-independent code generator, and leadership for the rest of the team.

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Arc has revolutionized Objective-c programming by automating memory management without the runtime overhead of a garbage collector. I personally defined and drove this feature late in the schedule of ios5 and lion. This is notable for the short schedule for the project, the extensive cross-functional work required, and the extensive backwards compatibility issues that had to be addressed (making it a very technically complex problem). Apple: developer tools Group Senior Manager of Compilers and Low-level tools, compiler Architect September 20 my work in this time period culminated in the release of the Xcode for 4 preview at wwdc, which included a preview release of Clang C support, a new c standard. Xcode 4 itself now features deep integration of the Clang parser for code completion, syntax highlighting, indexing, live warning and error messages, and the new 'fix-It' feature in which the compiler informs the ui how to automatically corrects small errors. Llvm-gcc is the default compiler in Xcode. The Xcode 4 preview also includes the first public release of lldb to which I served as a consultant and contributed directly to turning it into an open source project. Apple: developer tools Group Manager of Compilers and Low-level tools, compiler Architect July 2008 - september 2009 In this time period, i was a second level manager running the teams responsible for Clang, llvm, gcc, and other parts of the Apple toolchain (assembler, linker, etc). I directly managed the Clang team, contributed daily to both the Clang and llvm projects, and continued in my role as compiler architect and lead on the Open source llvm/Clang projects. During this period my team brought Clang.0 to production quality as a brand new c and Objective-c compiler for X86-32 and X86-64. We also productized and shipped the Xcode static analyzer, a new compiler-rt library (which replaced libgcc in Snow leopard) and many enhancements to existing components in the operating system.

I personally drove lldb to production quality and to become the default debugger in Xcode. I drove the new " Objective-c literal Syntax " language extensions, making many common situations the in Objective-c much more syntactically elegant. We shipped Xcode.3,.4, and.5 releases, and I was a key part of the high level feature planning and decision processes that defined the features and shaped the releases. Apple: developer tools Group Senior Manager and Architect, low-level tools June 2010 - september 2011 I managed the teams responsible for compilers, the lldb debugger, Objective-c and C runtimes, assembler, linker, dynamic loader, etc. I am continuing my work improving the Apple developer tools, and continue to contribute daily to the open source llvm technologies. During this time period my team switched Mac OS/x lion and ios5 to build with llvm-gcc and clang (off of gcc.2) and oversaw the final release of Xcode.0 in March (as well as subsequent updates). Xcode.2 was a specific achievement in that it is the first release where all of its compilers are llvm-based (gcc.2 is no longer included). Xcode.2 also includes the " Automatic Reference counting (ARC) Objective-c language feature (see also wikipedia ).

extensive resume

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I drove swift Open source to happen, and was extensively involved defining exactly what that meant. I was one of the few core people who drove swift Playgrounds for ipad, including conception, design, implementation, and iteration. I was a member of Apple's senior executive leadership team, and drove a number of internal things that I can't talk about. Apple: developer with tools Group Director and Architect, low-level tools September 2011 - january 2013 This timeframe has included numerous technical and team achievements across a wide range of domains. For example: Apple shipped the mac os.8 and ios 6 releases, and they were built with Clang - llvm-gcc is obsolete, and gcc is long gone. We invested major effort into compiler implementation and tuning for the custom Apple cpu design known as the " Apple A6 ". The exceptional cpu performance of the iphone 5 was a result of a joint effort between the Apple silicon and llvm teams.

Xcode 5 was a major release, notable for me in that it was the first release with a completely llvm-based low-level toolchain (Clang, lldb, etc) - it dropped the last support for gcc and gdb. This transition was largely driven by the arm64 architecture transition. Swift: The most prominent feature of Xcode 6 was Swift, a new programming language that I had been personally driving since 2010. In addition to the language design and implementation, i drove much of the compiler architecture (e.g. The sil high-level ir the repl and Playgrounds feature designs, drove and coordinated the rest of the team to implement full Xcode and documentation support for a language that was still rapidly evolving. We managed to keep extremely tight secrecy until a great launch at wwdc 2014. I was the primary proponent for the Official Swift Blog and wrote many of the posts.

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extensive resume

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Overall I learned a lot, worked hard, met a lot of great people, and had a lot of fun. I'm still a firm believer in Tesla, its mission, and the exceptional Autopilot team: I wish them well. Apple Apple: developer tools Department Senior Director and Architect, developer tools Department January 2013 - january 2017 In January 2013, i took over management and leadership of the entire developer tools department at Apple (200 people). In addition to languages (Swift and Objective-c compilers and low-level tools, i took on responsibility for the Xcode ide, instruments performance analysis tool, Apple java releases, and a variety of internal tools. In this time period, my team shipped a number of major Xcode releases, including Xcode.6,.x,.x,.x, and.x, each with major feature enhancements. Some of my more notable contributions include: arm64: over a 3 year span, i drove definition, bringup and implementation work of the arm64 (aka aarch64) compiler toolchain - the first production quality compiler for this architecture in the world - which shipped in Xcode.

This enabled the iphone 5s, which shocked the world with its 64-bit support and superb performance. In addition to compiler work, i contributed to the design of a new Objective-c runtime object model for the architecture, and I personally contributed the "TBI" feature to arm, which was incorporated in the aarch64 architecture. IPhone gpu compiler: we implemented a completely from new llvm-based runtime gpu shader compiler. This started shipping in ios7 to support the iphone 5s - which featured a vliw powervr rogue gpu derivative, and has been extended to support later iPhone hardware as it comes out. Compared essay to the vendor compiler it replaced, this gpu compiler produces code that runs slightly faster, and takes much less compile time to generate.

Being the first year this was awarded is notable, because all programming language software systems were eligible. Tesla vp autopilot Software january 30 - june 20, 2017 When I joined Tesla, it was in the midst of a hardware transition from "Hardware 1" Autopilot (based primarily on Mobileeye for vision processing) to "Hardware 2 which uses an in-house designed TeslaVision stack. The team was facing many tough challenges given the nature of the transition. My primary contributions over these fast five months were: we evolved Autopilot for HW2 from its first early release (which had few capabilities and was limited to 45mph on highways) to effectively parity with HW1, and surpassing it in some ways (e.g. Silky smooth control ). This required building and shipping numerous features for HW2, including: support for local roads, parallel Autopark, high Speed Autosteer, summon, lane departure warning, automatic Lane Change, low Speed aeb, full Speed Autosteer, pedal Misapplication Mitigation, auto high beams, side collision avoidance, full Speed aeb, perpendicular.

This was done by shipping a total of 7 major feature releases, as well as numerous minor releases to support factory, service, and other narrow markets. One of Tesla's huge advantages in the autonomous driving space is that it has tens of thousands of cars already on the road. We built infrastructure to take advantage of this, allowing the collection of image and video data from this fleet, as well as building big data infrastructure in the cloud to process and use. I defined and drove the feature roadmap, drove the technical architecture for future features, and managed the implementation for the next exciting features to come. I advocated for and drove a major rewrite of the deep net architecture in the vision stack, leading to significantly better precision, recall, and inference performance. I ended up growing the autopilot Software team by over. I personally interviewed most of the accepted candidates. I improved internal infrastructure and processes that I cannot go into detail about. I was closely involved with others in the broader Autopilot program, including future hardware support, legal, homologation, regulatory, marketing, etc.

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I am a strong leader and have excellent communication skills (both verbal and written). I occasionally give talks explaining and evangelizing Swift, llvm, clang, and other technologies I have worked. Resume contents: Notable awards: 2016: Recognized as one of short Wired's " 25 Geniuses who are creating the future of business ". 2013: Received the 2013 Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award by the University of Illinois Computer Science department. 2012: llvm was awarded the acm software systems Award which recognizes a software system that has had a lasting influence, reflected in contributions to concepts, in commercial acceptance, or both (across the entire software industry). Previous recipients include java, apache, the world-Wide web, smalltalk, unix, and many other notable software systems. 2010: Received the acm sigplan programming Languages Software Award in recognition of my work on llvm. Sigplan is the acm organization focusing on Programming Language design and Implementation.

extensive resume

Clang compiler, the, lldb debugger, the, clang Static Analyzer, and other low-level tools. Llvm is widely used for academic research projects, has been adopted for commercial use by several companies, and has a broad and growing developer base. For more information, please see the llvm web page: http llvm. I am also the founder and project lead for the. Swift Programming, language, which is open source at Swift. Swift has been steadily and rapidly growing ever since its launch, with over 100,000 apps in the Apple app stores, is installed on millions of developer workstations, and is widely loved by people who use. Since its release as open source, swift is rapidly growing in the server space and in other domains outside of the traditional psalm Apple developer community.

that most people assume are impossible to solve. I enjoy leading by example and getting my hands dirty. I have worked in many spaces, including things as diverse as low level machine code optimization, compiler optimization, programming language design, ide features, built the. Swift, playgrounds ipad app, and ran a team at Tesla applying a diverse range of tech in the autonomous car space (including machine learning, computer vision, sensors and non-vision perception, robotics planning and control, mapping, cloud infrastructure, embedded systems, and simulation). I am the founder and chief architect of the open source. Llvm compiler, infrastructure project, and serve on the board of directors of the llvm foundation. Llvm has grown to include a broad range of compiler, debugger, and runtime library technologies. Assembled out of this technology are things like the.

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extensive resume
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