Long day's journey into night summary

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long day's journey into night summary

Journey to the tuscan countryside and Greek isles

Its destination is set somewhere they normally cannot follow. Kirk and Spock head to Starfleet headquarters, and they tell Admiral Marcus where harrison ended up: qo'nos, the homeworld of the Klingon Empire. Marcus was afraid this would happen. Spock notes Harrison materialized on a nominally uninhabited province of the planet, and Kirk says he is not afraid to go after him. Marcus comes clean about the true nature of Harrison and Harewood's target. They bombed a secret facility of Section 31, starfleet's black ops division, which was researching weapons and tactics for a potential war with the Klingons and any other species that mean to do the federation harm.

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He sees the jumpship's engine intake, and gets an idea. He opens a fire hose unit, in a corridor of the building, and ties the hose around his rifle. Pike is killed by harrison As he works, Admiral pike is fatally shot, and Spock pulls him to safety. Kirk throws the rifle and fire hose, which get sucked into the jumpship's intake. It takes the entire hose, then yanks its base out of the wall and through the engine, disabling the ship. Kirk gets a look at Harrison as he beams out of the falling jumpship. In the meeting room, Spock forms a mind meld with pike right before he dies. Kirk then arrives, and breaks down at the death of his mentor. Meanwhile, harrison materializes on a completely different planet, lifts up the hood of his longcoat, and walks away. Act Two Edit Kirk and Spock meet with Marcus Kirk is recovering emotionally from the attack alone in his apartment, when he gets a call peer from Spock. Scott was investigating the wreckage of Harrison's jumpship, and found a portable transwarp beaming device on board.

The officers present look over images taken of the scene after the attack, where forty-two people were killed. Kirk notices Harrison in the images with a bag, and asks pike about. Admiral Marcus notices their discussion and asks Kirk what the problem. Kirk begins to express confusion as to why harrison would target just an archive. Kirk says Harrison must have known that a terrorist house attack on a starfleet facility would result in this kind of meeting. " clear the room! " Before kirk can elaborate on his concerns, a jumpship appears outside their conference room, and opens fire, killing Captain Abbott and several other officers. The surviving officers take cover, and security personnel enter to combat the jumpship. Kirk takes up a phaser rifle from a fallen security officer and attacks it from the side to little effect.

long day's journey into night summary

Paradise lost: Milton s Arguments

He then gets a call from Starfleet. They are summoned to a meeting in the daystrom Conference room at Starfleet headquarters. Admiral Alexander Marcus, the head of Starfleet On their way to the conference room, kirk meets Spock and tells him about for his demotion. Spock is relieved the punishment was not more severe. Kirk is still upset that he was betrayed. Spock admits he should have warned Kirk beforehand that he would file a truthful report about the nibiru incident. After a brief meeting with Frank Abbott, captain of the uss bradbury, kirk admits he'll miss Spock, though is irked when Spock is left speechless. Admiral Marcus opens the meeting. The message he received from Harewood was a confession, and informed him of who put him up to the attack: John Harrison, a starfleet officer who has gone rogue.

He goes to his workstation with a glass of water. After sending a message to Admiral Marcus, he drops the ring into the water, which quickly fizzes, then causes a massive explosion at the kelvin Archive. Pike and Kirk share a drink kirk is drowning his sorrows at a local bar in San Francisco. He is about to talk to another woman when Admiral pike sits between them. Kirk is surprised he has found him; the admiral simply says he knows Kirk well, recalling a bar fight with Starfleet cadets back in Iowa before kirk enlisted. Pike reveals Starfleet gave the Enterprise back to him. Kirk suggests that keeping Spock as first officer isn't a good idea, but he's been transferred to the uss bradbury anyway. Pike has pulled some strings, and gotten Kirk assigned to be his first officer on the Enterprise. Kirk is speechless, something pike says is a first.

Vanishing point: How to disappear in America without a trace

long day's journey into night summary

My adventures

Kirk is dismayed by Spock's apparent betrayal. After a brief argument, pike dismisses Spock, and essay proceeds to dress Kirk down for his lack of humility and respect for the chair. Kirk counters that pike convinced him to join Starfleet because of his maverick attitude. However, Starfleet Command saw it differently. The head of Starfleet Command, Admiral Alexander Marcus, has formed a tribunal that did not include Admiral pike. The tribunal has relieved Kirk of his command, ordering him to return to Starfleet Academy.

Pike tells Kirk pointedly that, one day, his reckless leadership is going to get his entire crew the killed. The kelvin Memorial Archive back in London, the unknown man extracts a vial of his own blood, and places it in a package along with a ring. The package goes to harewood, who adds the vial's contents to his daughter's. As it begins to enter her bloodstream, her vitals return to normal. Harewood kisses his daughter's forehead in relief, knowing she will now be all right. Not long after, he goes to work at the kelvin Memorial Archive, catching sight of the unknown man in the street immediately before entering, and takes a long elevator down below the archive.

Right before the cold fusion device is activated, Spock is beamed aboard the Enterprise, and they make their getaway. Kirk and Mccoy join him in the transporter room. Spock is shocked that Kirk has blatantly violated the Prime directive. Uhura tells them the cold fusion device has successfully detonated, but the crew is irked by Spock's apparent lack of gratitude as the violation of the Prime directive will be a steep price to pay. The native nibirans begin to worship an image of the Enterprise they have drawn in the soil, accepting it as their new deity. Act One Edit The stardate is 2259.55.

Back on Earth, thomas Harewood, a starfleet officer living in London, travels with his wife to royal Children's Hospital, where their daughter is currently in a coma with a severe illness. After visiting her, Thomas Harewood is stopped by an individual he is unfamiliar with. The newcomer says he can save harewood's daughter. Pike dresses down Kirk meanwhile, back in San Francisco, kirk is waking up in his apartment after a night spent with a pair of caitian women. They are annoyed when he answers a call on his communicator from Starfleet. He and Spock are summoned to the office of Admiral pike. Kirk is convinced they are going to be given Starfleet's first five-year mission of deep space exploration, though Spock is doubtful. When they arrive, pike reveals that there are discrepancies between the captain's log on Nibiru, and a report Spock filed about what happened there; namely being, the former said it was "uneventful while the latter detailed a breaking of the Prime directive.

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The volcano has a small eruption, with pyroclastic ejecta destroying the temple in which the group of Nibirans had been worshiping. Nibiru has a very strong magnetic field that was jamming their transporters ; the only way they can save spock is by revealing themselves to fly above the volcano, which would violate the Prime directive. The analysis Enterprise surfaces from the sea kirk asks. Mccoy what Spock would do if Kirk were the one deploying the device; Bones replies that Spock would let him die. Spock was indeed prepared for that likelihood. The cold fusion device would freeze and kill him, along with freezing the volcano into dormancy. Before the device detonates, Spock closes his eyes and raises his arms to the sky above. " you violated the Prime directive! " The nibirans are shocked when they see the Enterprise rising out of the ocean and above the volcano.

long day's journey into night summary

Sulu and Uhura are forced to abandon the shuttle; Uhura promises they will get Spock out. Harbinger of death Satisfied they were far enough from the volcano, kirk hangs the scroll he stole off a tree. The nibirans cease their pursuit, allowing Kirk and Mccoy to get away, jumping off a cliff into the ocean. Using miniprops and breathing apparatuses, they swim to the Enterprise and board through an about airlock on the secondary hull. Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott is still not happy that they are hiding at the bottom of an ocean, complaining that the salt water may impede their ability to launch. The officers return to the bridge. Spock arms the cold fusion device, which has a three-minute timer.

further away from the volcano. With the shuttlecraft's thruster being choked by ash, Spock has to act fast. After a kiss from Uhura, he is lowered by cable into the volcano. During the descent, the shuttlecraft takes too much damage, and Sulu attempts to abort the drop. The cable Spock is hanging by abruptly snaps, suddenly dropping him into the volcano. Surprisingly, he survives the fall in his protective suit, and the cold fusion device is still operational.

During early 2259, on the class M planet of, nibiru, captain, james. Kirk is being chased away from a temple located at the base of an active volcano by native, nibirans. He is startled by an animal, and stuns it with his phaser. Behind the animal is an upset, leonard Mccoy ; the beast Kirk has just stunned was to have been their "ride leaving the two of them with no option but to flee on foot. Kirk has stolen a scroll sacred to the nibirans. Meanwhile, hikaru sulu is piloting a shuttlecraft into the volcano, with. Spock and, nyota Uhura on board. Spock, protected by a copper-colored environmental suit, is preparing to detonate a cold fusion device inside the volcano that would stop a cataclysmic eruption from extinguishing life on the planet.

Case for moon First: Gateway to Entire solar System - open

Real World article (written from a, production point of view beyond the darkness, lies greatness. A series of terrorist attacks on Earth places Captain James. Kirk on a mission to deal with the culprit. Nothing is analysis as it seems, as the Starship. Enterprise is entangled in covert machinations to ignite war between the federation and the Klingon Empire, with an ancient enemy in the mix. With alliances tested, relationships strained and differing motives clashing, how costly will the thirst for vengeance prove? Prologue, edit, the temple raided by kirk and McCoy.

long day's journey into night summary
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  7. Long day's journey into night is a drama play in four acts written by American playwright Eugene o'neill in 194142 but first published in 1956. The play is widely considered to be his magnum opus and one of the finest American plays. Answer these would-you-rathers and we'll guess your Hogwarts house.

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