A good thesis statement against abortion

A secular Case, against Abortion - pro-life humanists

a good thesis statement against abortion

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What he cannot achieve by reason, he feels entitled to take by force, and in so doing demonstrates that it is possible to be anti-abortion but not pro-life. It is easy to understand the frustration of those who use physical intervention to defend unborn children. Some have received inordinately harsh treatment and penalties for their actions. Yet to accept the principle that sincere convictions justify breaking the law is destructive of our form of government and serves to blunt the Christian witness. A danger in the rationale advanced by paul Hill to correct the injustice of abortion is that disrespect for the law often creates further injustice. Anarchy does not serve justice. We who are pro-life grieve the killing of over thirty million children by legal abortion, but our grief cannot compare to that of the god who created them, who knows them before birth, and who loves them beyond human capabilities.

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Revolution is sometimes justified, as our Declaration of Independence explains at some length, but it can never be a story legal or constitutional right. Revolutionary actions, such as killing persons for their crimes (however real the crimes may be strike at the roots of the order on which the life, liberty, and property of all us depend, and therefore the law cannot tolerate them. If the law did tolerate them, it would let loose not only those who want to stop abortionists from plying their bloody trade, but animal rights activists, gay-bashers and gay activists, environmentalists who object to cutting down trees and those who are fed up with. Finally, killing abortion doctors and bombing their clinics does no good to the anti-abortion cause even from a purely pragmatic point of view. Very few babies lives are saved by such actions. Instead, efforts to do the most basic thing necessary, namely, to persuade the American public to face what the courts and their own elected officials have done by legalizing abortion on demand, are set back immeasurably. The resort to violence hands the pro-abortion lobby and its allies in the media a perfect excuse for refusing to look at the violence done daily to the unborn and to focus instead on the violence done to abortionists. Like it or not, the pro-life cause is of necessity a moral cause whose success depends on persuasion and can only be harmed by acts that horrify the public. I wish to god that some pro-life zealots would come to understand that. J., is Professor of Political Science Emeritus at Fordham University. Jean Garton, the argument used by paul Hill rationalizes the exchange of force for persuasion.

Supreme court, our legal system has involved itself in a contradiction. It punishes as murder taking the life of a born child, but slogan not only does not punish, but protects as the exercise of a constitutional right, killing the child before birth, if that is what the childs mother wants. One understands why people of strong emotions and unstable minds can become so enraged by this that they take the law into their own hands and execute the executioner. Nonetheless, they are not justified, either morally or legally, in assuming this authority. There is no universal moral obligation to prevent all evil. Still less does anyone have the moral authority to prevent evil by any and all means that he or his associates consider necessary. Nor can any legal system accept the right of individuals in their private capacity to make such decisions.

a good thesis statement against abortion

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But our political men and women deceive themselves if they think that this issue can be quietened simply by being displaced to the periphery of our politics. They have not grasped quite yet that this issue can corrupt even parts of our law that do not seem connected to the issue of abortion; and it can be counted on, reliably, to generate a poison for our civic life that will not. Hadley arkes is the Edward ney professor of Jurisprudence and American Institutions at Amherst College. His most recent book is The return of george sutherland: Restoring a jurisprudence of Natural Rights (Princeton University Press). Francis Canavan, it must be said that the abortionists assassinated in Florida deserve no special sympathy, and certainly no admiration. A frenetic columnist in a new York newspaper called them the martyred. David Gunn and brave. In fact they were neither martyrs nor heroes but men engaged in the dirty and evil business of killing children in their mothers wombs. Courtesy of the.

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a good thesis statement against abortion

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But writers and teachers, who help to shape the public discourse, cannot be indifferent to the ways in which they are likely to be misunderstood in the current cast of public opinion. From the lessonbook of Platos. Crito we must remind ourselves that there are concerns of prudence at the highest level for paying a decent regard even to the unimproved opinions of the public; and there are weighty moral reasons for preserving the willingness to respect even bad laws. Here, the badness runs deep, and the deeper strain has been set essay forth for us in these pages by russell Hittinger: The supreme court has now established, in the case of abortion, nothing less than a private right to use violence, for any private reason. And now the rest of us are obliged to counsel the paul Hills of the world that they may not make that same claim to the private use of violence, even when they are seeking not merely a private but a public end: the protection. That the arrangement is not symmetrical is not to state the most damnable thing about it, or the degree to which it makes of us accomplices in a vicious project.

For if we begin to express, even in part, what is morally dubious in this structure, we run the risk of sweeping away the inhibitions of prudence from many earnest people. We court the peril of propelling them to further acts of violence. Of course, the case of paul Hill could aix be used, with a legal design, to pose a challenge to the very premises. But even that act of high purpose, attended by a legal defense fund, could beget in turn other acts of affirmation and martyrdom. And so we bite our lips and hold back—and by my own account I may have already said more than one should say without the arts of indirection.

Hills psychic balance, i cannot speak. What we can attribute to him however is this: he understood that the practitioner entering the clinic was willing to destroy innocent human lives, even for the most trivial reason—indeed, even without the need to give a reason. That enterprise had become his vocation, and that purpose was borne with him every time he entered the building. Hill did not engage in killing as his office work. He was moved to an awful, rare act, and he focused his lethal assault on a person who was about to engage directly, and deliberately, in the destruction of an innocent life.

Unless we dismantle moral reasoning altogether, or remove the gradations that are critical to moral judgment, it should be evident that these two acts of killing cannot stand on the same moral plane. But at this moment, the morality of the case is at odds with the law, and that must make a grievous difference. The members of the public who have now absorbed the premises of the law will not see even the rudiments of a justification. For them, the act cannot appear to be anything other than an act of lawless killing. Any endorsement of the act is bound to be misunderstood then as an endorsement—nay, even the tendering of a franchise—for lawless killing. Of course, the state of mind of the public looking on cannot supply the ground of our moral judgment.

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One can, under Christian principles, act to defend anothers life; one may not intend to kill. Alvare is Director of Planning and Information for the secretariat for Pro-life Activities of the national Conference of Catholic Bishops. Hadley arkes, this is one of those melancholy cases in which we would need the equivalent of a leo strauss emergency box: break the glass, pull the lever, and quickly summon to our side a writer schooled in the art of covert teaching or writing. Even with the most delicate hand, we run the risk of fostering vast moral hazards—and creating perils for many innocent, loyalty earnest people—if we are willing to set into print a truthful discussion of this issue. For the answer should be jarringly plain if we simply take seriously the understanding that is anchored firmly among the opponents of abortion: namely, that the child in the womb cannot be anything paperwork other than a human life from its first moments; that a human. If a person understood that innocent human lives were being destroyed in abortion clinics, without the need even to render a justification, what kinds of things, after all, might we expect him to do? Would the media, for instance, have been filled as they have in this case with reports of religious zealots if a band of Jews had killed guards and executioners on their way to work in Auschwitz? Would we have heard stories of the killing of innocent workers, who were merely carrying out orders, and pursuing a policy that was fully lawful under the laws of the Third reich?

a good thesis statement against abortion

Symposium Participants, helen. Alvare, there is a starting point for responding. Hills rationale that is dramatically more important than investigating theories of justifiable homicide. It is the restatement of the overriding aim of the pro-life movement: to instill in individuals and in society as a whole a respect for the dignity of each human life. An important corollary to this arises in light of the present societal turn to violence: the pro- life movement also exists to point the nation toward problem-solving that, in means and ends, respects every human being involved. It does this to witness to the real possibilities for peaceful and humane behavior as against a pervasive pro-choice philosophy that accepts the destruction of human life as a legitimate response to problems. And for those finder who remain curious about the intricacies of justifiable homicide theories?

have any authority over maturing daughters (or their children at all). A society based on such views, however, would simply substitute lawyers, bureaucrats, and judges, or nothing, for parents, which is unlikely, as I have said, to produce any more salutary a result. For real abusive families, consent laws commonly allow for judicial consent; and if the objection to that is that it imposes an undue burden on an abused daughter needing an abortion, it is hard to see how a young woman who would know enough how. If a family is so seriously abusive that it cannot be trusted with the best interest of a daughter with respect to abortion, then clearly it cannot be trusted governing her interests at all, and a judicial intervention is called for in any case. Hill, convicted of killing an abortionist and his security guard in Pensacola, florida, has advanced the following rationale for his action: Whatever force is legitimate in defending a born child is legitimate in defending an unborn child. For some who believe that the moral status of the unborn is the same as that of the born, hills axiom is persuasive. We asked a number of people identified with the pro-life cause to respond briefly to the justification put forth. Hill for the use of lethal force against those who perform abortions.

In modern society childhood is unnaturally prolonged, especially evident in the laws of many states that the age of consent coincides with legal adulthood (at 18 which is absurd. It now would seem that 13 is clearly too young for any kind of informed consent on any medical procedure, let alone a life and death one (for the fetus but English Common Law, as we see in Blackstone's. Commentaries, recognized marriages as young as age 14 for boys and age 12 for girls (. In a regime of legal abortion, a married girl, even at 12, would have the rights and privileges of an adult. If we would adopt such a standard for unmarried modern girls, however, we would have to consider the moral perversion of aiding and abetting the deception by a teenage girl of parents who would consider abortion to be murder. It is typical in modern law to enlarge (certain) rights and powers while report diminishing responsibility, but it is not proper to burden parents with the responsibility for infantile support of a person who exercises adult rights in matters to which they may have grave moral. If a teenage girl is to obtain a legal abortion without her parents' consent, this should, at least, establish her as an emancipated child who no longer has claim on parental support. If teenage girls are to be considered incompetent up to a reasonable age of consent (certainly no later than 15 or 16 the tragic deaths that would occur would be no different than the tragedies that occur because of parential consent in the matter. This mechanism is not adopted because it is perfect and prevents all evils but because the supervision of parents is judged to be less evil than the decisions that would be made by the unsupervised minors themselves or by unconcerned and unaccountable bureaucratic "caregivers let.

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Abortion, note 5, this may provide a means for judging parental consent laws for minors seeking abortion. Since minors are not in traditional terms legally reckoned to be competent to engage in sex, to enter into contracts, or to form sufficient "informed consent" to agree to their own medical treatment on account of the imbecillity of judgment is how Blackstone put. Commentaries on the laws of England, volume 1,.424 it is incredible that they would be regarded as competent to make a life and death decision about something that, later in life with a more mature reckoning of conscience, they might themselves regard. In those terms, it is not hard to understand how parental consent laws are overwhelmingly popular with parents (including the 2000 Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate, joseph lieberman who usually take their oversight, especially moral oversight, for their children seriously. Such laws produce some tragedies, when otherwise happy and well-adjusted young women (sometimes as old as 17) simply do not want to deal with their parents about a possible abortion ions and end up dying when they resort to an illegal abortion. There are also tragedies, however, under the opposite legal regime: When Dawn ravenell, only 13, got a legal abortion in New York, without her parents' knowledge, and ended up dying from medical malpractice, her parents were notified, "only in time to make funeral arrangements" (according. The parents in Dawn's case, understandably, would have objections to a process that removed them from involvement in decisions that led to their daughter's (and grandchild's) death. It is a serious question when girls should be reckoned as adults for these purposes.

a good thesis statement against abortion
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