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save greenery essay

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The media reported that this fish was an endangered species whose spawning ground was a creek near our wedding site. Yet a simple google query of steelhead trout reveals that this fish is not, as the media had reported, a truly endangered species, but rather a fancy variant of the common rainbow trout that is abundant across North America — so abundant, in fact, that. (The steelhead, like salmon, travels upstream and spends its life in the ocean. This variant of the rainbow trout has seen its populations fall in some areas of California where it is protected, but its hardly the endangered species the press made it out. . In fact, the national Wildlife federation reports that rainbow trout is not at risk of extinction.) The california coastal Commissions own publicly available report on the matter refers to a stream, called the post Creek, that apparently runs through the property, although they were noncommittal. There was a chance, the report stated, that our construction could have led to sedimentation of this stream, which in turn could have prevented fish from getting on with their business. In the days leading up to the wedding, multiple biologists visited the site and their reports confirmed no increased turbidity in the stream, meaning no sedimentation had occurred.

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Not only that, we couldnt have known what permits were required short of asking the property owner, which we had done prior to renting the property, and the management of the hotel had informed us that none were required. It was incumbent upon the property owner to inform us of any land-use restrictions or permit issues your related to the property. From the outset we shared our plans for installing theatrical backdrops and other wedding-related equipment with the hotel. And the hotel was an active participant in the construction process — it wasnt as if we were making preparations on Mars — this was all happening in the hotels backyard, and the hotel management was onsite every day supervising the project. They never hinted at any issues with the california coastal Commission or any other government agency. In fact, i had not even heard of the california coastal Commission until this incident. Why would I have? I dont own any property in the california coastal zone. Had i known about any of these issues prior to renting the site, i would have taken my business elsewhere. The environmental damage from the wedding-related construction work was less serious than we had originally feared, in part due to the fact that the large majority of the development was performed on a campground and existing road, not in a virgin forest. lisa haage, california coastal Commission Then international there was this question of a certain fish, the steelhead trout, that was purportedly threatened by our wedding preparation.

Everything on site was built to be temporary. The set pieces were hollow, created off-site and pieced together like legos on the property. Even the stonework had empire no mortar inside it to facilitate easy disassembly. We had no obligation — legal, contractual or otherwise — to apply for permits. We werent the property owner, nor were we leasing the property from the owner. We had paid the hotel an event fee in order to make use of their campground for the purpose of hosting our wedding. We had no legal standing to apply for permits related to a property we didnt own.

save greenery essay

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Many press reports have focused on the notion that we had somehow harmed the environment. This is simply not true. No redwood trees were harmed in any way. No endangered species were harmed, and, in fact, none were resident on the property. Fabric liners were used to protect the ground from our landscaping work. We were careful not to plant directly in the ground we brought in potted plants instead. We had no obligation, legal, contractual or otherwise, to apply for permits. Lisa haage, the california coastal Commissions Chief of Enforcement, said at the commission hearing last Friday that the environmental damage from the wedding-related construction work was less serious than eksempel we had originally feared, in part due to the fact that the large majority of the. From the outset, our goal was to leave the forest in significantly better condition than we found.

Furthermore, our wedding did not take place in a park, on a nature reserve, or on any other form of protected public land. We rented our wedding site from a company operating a luxury hotel, the Ventana Inn spa, owned by two multi-billion-dollar private equity firms, both experienced players in California real estate. The site of the wedding was a private, for-profit, vehicular campground, largely paved over in black asphalt, full of compacted dirt, giant holes dug in the forest floor and mounds of dirt piled up around those holes. This property had been used for events before, including at least one wedding. When we first visited the site, the road-surfacing machines were still laying fresh tarry asphalt across the remaining unpaved parts of the campground, and bulldozers were dredging out camping pads for RVs to park. The entire forest floor was gone, replaced with dirt and asphalt. The natural vegetation you would expect to find in a pristine redwood forest had been bulldozed no sorrel leaf ground cover, no ferns, no wildflowers. While many old growth trees remained on the property, the site had been subjected to a century of logging, and much of the remaining forest was second or third growth. All of the greenery you see in our photos, the ferns and other plants, had to be brought into the site, by us, in order to recreate the look of an undisturbed redwood forest, which this forest was decidedly not.

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save greenery essay

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We were told that we should be hung for our crimes, preferably on a lamppost since trees are too good for them. A number of people thought jail time to make an example of him, was warranted. A more thoughtful commenter suggested that jail time in Salinas with the norteños would be a more appropriate punishment than, you know, regular old jail time. That just wouldnt. We book expected the histrionic media backlash to be short-lived. That may have been wishful thinking. The assault continued for days, with wave after wave of articles, each headline more hyperbolic and more scathing than the last, each story further inflating the alleged cost of the wedding, the damages, and the personal attacks.

After days of enduring this public beating, i had reached my limit. I took to the Internet to defend our wedding, hastily penning a letter intended to refute the most damning story, alexis Madrigals post in The Atlantic Wire, which had labeled our wedding the perfect parable of Silicon Valley excess. Though not alone in his criticism, madrigals voice stood out among the crowd of voices condemning our wedding, partly because sonnet his story was better articulated and came from an otherwise credible writer, and partly because it drew sweeping conclusions about me and Alexandra, our intentions. Never mind that none of the accusations were actually true. Truth has a funny way of getting in the way of a great story. Setting the record Straight, i cannot be too hard on Alexis Madrigal, as he was kind enough to read my email, kind enough to apologize, and had the strength of character and journalistic integrity to post my email publicly along with a sort of retraction. As I wrote in my response to him, nobody chooses to get married in a redwood forest unless they love redwood forests.

Our wedding, it was written, illegally damaged the redwood forest, trashed a big Sur campground, and threatened the habitat of a special-sounding fish, the endangered steelhead trout. The press described how we had trampled a massive ancient redwood grove, run roughshod over a pristine public park, leading to sedimentation of a creek that was a spawning ground for steelhead trout. The press claimed that redwood trees had been cut down by bulldozers, and that we had destroyed this very sensitive, fragile, redwood habitat. The wedding was widely derided as tasteless, obnoxious, and extravagant. Nothing is sacred on the Internet, not even a wedding. If our friends were sending us congratulatory messages, we never saw them.

If Alexandras friends were complimenting her choice of wedding dress, she missed those messages. Indeed, if anyone was saying anything nice about our wedding, it was completely lost in the noise, drowned in the sea of hateful, spiteful messages. Our marriage announcement and wedding photo on Facebook elicited hundreds of these messages from angry bystanders telling us to fuck off, and calling us selfish, contemptible, disgusting, and hypocrites. Descriptions of me included the words douchebag and prick, of my wife, the words gold-digger and whore. Luckily amongst the rabble were some unusually creative hate-mongers who managed to keep our attention by dispensing inventive insults like douchemonster, jackassery, jackwagon and, my personal favorite, douche canoe. (I have no idea what a douche canoe or a jackwagon is, but Im assuming they are neither forms of transportation nor compliments.).

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This with was the sort of angry invective normally reserved for genocidal dictators. These reactions were so writing extreme, so maniacal, so deeply drenched in expletives, they seemed wasted on us; this was the sort of angry invective normally reserved for genocidal dictators. Some of them were so over-the-top that, had the circumstances been different, we might have found them amusing. Of course, its hard to find anything amusing when strangers are publicly attacking your wife two days into your marriage. This was supposed to be the most intimate, sacred, precious and romantic event of our lives: our wedding day. But nothing is sacred on the Internet, not even a wedding. The headlines made a hysterical case for the damage done to the site with such titles as: Eco-wrecking Wedding ; Ecological Wedding Disaster ; 10 Million Destruction of a park ; and, tasteless Eco-trashing Wedding. We were charged and convicted, by the Internet press and the court of public opinion, with every imaginable environmental crime.

save greenery essay

The fog rolling in from the ocean enveloped us, imbuing the moment with a feeling of supernatural bliss. The monday after our wedding we woke up in our hotel room, newly married, and still buzzing from the most exciting day of our lives. With all the stresses and anxieties of wedding planning behind us, we were finally ready to relax, take a deep breath of ocean air, and enjoy the romance of being together in Big Sur. Many of our friends who lingered recounted their memories of the wedding, describing the event using words like beautiful, tasteful, enchanted, epic, and a fantasy. There was a kind of magic in the air, and most newlywed couples would have been free to bask in the afterglow of that moment. The Aftermath, we were not so lucky. We awoke that morning to a media the backlash of epic proportions, a firestorm of press attacking our wedding with the most vitriolic language wed ever seen in print. At the same time, a mob of Internet trolls, eco-zealots, and other angry folk from every corner of the Internet unleashed a fury of vulgar insults, flooding our email and Facebook pages.

years hiking through redwood forests all over California, trying to find the perfect spot for our wedding. Finding an old-growth redwood grove suitable for a wedding is no easy task.  we enlisted the help. Save the redwoods league, a noted conservation group, to help identify an appropriate site and also to provide advice on how to avoid harming the natural redwood habitat. With their guidance, we ultimately settled on a redwood grove within the campground of the ventana hotel spa in Big Sur, chosen largely because the site had already been developed, thereby minimizing the impact on the forest and avoiding the issue of a large number. The vision for our wedding was to integrate with nature as much as possible — to bring out the natural beauty of the site while incorporating the kinds of modern amenities that one needs at a wedding. Because we wanted to avoid any harm to the forest, we asked the league to send their Director of Science, emily burns, down to the site to advise our landscape architect on best practices for working within the forest. After the ceremony many of us felt as though we never wanted to leave that forest, and indeed many guests remained there until the sun came up the next morning. We lay on the flower-strewn pathway, looking up at the redwood canopy above.

On the day of our wedding, our friends and family walked by foot down a long winding path to the ceremony site. With each step the landscape grew ever more magical, more lush, and more surreal. Eventually our guests reached essay a beautiful gate in a clearing, just prior to entering the forest. Through that threshold, they left the ordinary world behind and entered an extraordinary world imagined as a kind of collaborative art project between me and my wife-to-be, alexandra. We wanted our wedding to be spiritual, though not overtly religious. Everyone is familiar with man-made cathedrals, but there is another kind of cathedral, built by god. In many old growth forests, redwood trees naturally grow in a circular configuration around the nutrient-rich soil where a dead tree once stood.

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Editors ions note: sean Parker is the executive general partner at founders Fund. Previously he was co-founder of Napster, as well as the founding president of Facebook. He currently serves as a director of Spotify. . Follow him on Twitter @sparker. Our Wedding, my wife Alexandra and I met five years ago, fell in love, and almost immediately began fantasizing about our wedding day, which, we both agreed, should take place deep within an enchanted forest. (you know, sort of like lothlórien, the mythical home of Galadriel in Tolkiens Lord of the rings.) we wanted our wedding to begin with. Once upon a time and end with and they lived happily ever after. but life rarely works out the way it does in fairy tales, as much as we hoped it would. The story Im about to tell, ironically, begins where many fairy tales end: with a wedding.

save greenery essay
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  4. You can add some texture to your arrangement by adding in some greenery, some woody stalks or other, season-appropriate items. Solar radiation warms up concrete, asphalt and other man-made materials much faster and hotter than it warms trees, plants and greenery.

  5. All of the greenery you see in our photos, the ferns and other plants, had to be brought into the site, by us, in order to recreate the look. The unlike glasses of greenery, the wise odor of region air, the hoot sounds, or the sunshine clear finished the corner leafage. As The Economist puts it, The republicans who control the house are dead set against anything that smacks of greenery, not to mention anything that would add to spending.entirely review my web-site - josef seibel Debra 02 Black: save.

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