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inventory system thesis pdf

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Based on this definition, we propose to use the following procedure for problem solutions structuring. In figure 4 we show the cycle of decision-making process and with the use of the cause-effect modeling technique suggested by goldratt (1999). Decision-making problem structuring can be represented as cause-effect relationship between elements of the supply chain definitions. These elements come from scor ontology and in any particular situation this relationship can be characterized by relations between performances indicators (associate with process-elements in scor ontology) that represent non desired effect present in decision situation under analysis. How this procedure could help managers in decision-making process? One of the most difficult task in decision-making process is to identify the underline structure of the problem.

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Iterative procedure to Structuring Decision-making Problem. Supply chain is a complex system. All complex systems need a more complex control system but few elements decide the wallpaper behavior of who whole system. This conclusion suggests that all complex systems (like supply chain) can be handled by few elements as well as the considerations of the special relationship among them in different situations. Considering a decision-making as a system, the complexity of problem structuring would be a natural consequence of the previous definition. Organizations work in stable environments, with stable people and stable technology and that is the main thesis. Organizations face events (even internal and external) that force to change their stable situation. This situational context represents the antithesis and produces change in all organization. Under current conditions, the old procedure, solutions and thesis are not working any more. Thus, the organization moves and adapts to the new condition and this changes are the synthesis that will be the new thesis of the organization. This is a cycle over the time.

To create a common procedure that aids decision making process by sharing knowledge between supply chain partners is extremely necessary to create a common semantic base. Scor acts as a common semantic base, but we need to express scor in some format that allows sharing through internetworking infrastructure of supply chain. Figure 2 shows a conceptual approach report to express scor into rdf document. If scor model is expressed in rdf document, the semantic base have an easy way to understand for human and computer in decision-making analysis process. Scor in rdf documents. Using rdf document scor can be used as ontological base for supply chain decision-making process. Figure 3 shows a protégé snapshot for scor ontology.

inventory system thesis pdf

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This conclusion is well supported due to that in the supply chain environments, partners need to coordinate logistics operation as a clock mechanism. Since the decisions in the supply chain are common, which is the reason that managers dont share decision-making problem solutions formulations? This problem has two different perspectives. First of all there is not a common language to share the knowledge about how to handle decision-making problem. This means that managers dont have a common language to share knowledge inside organization and even more, between other partners. Second, there is not a common procedure to formulate problem solutions in decision-making that aid other managers in decision-making process. Recently (1996) great Supply Chain council created scor model. This model created a standardization of terms and performance measurement in the supply chain operations. By sharing the scor terminology through supply chain it is possible to create a common language to express decision-making process.

Decision-making process is a process that deals directly with uncertainty. Under decision-making scenario, decision maker needs to reduce the uncertainty in two different sources: the information about the situation under the analysis and the possible consequences of some actions as a result of decision-making process. To reduce uncertainty in both situations, decision maker needs lot information in almost of present approach. One problem creates another: decision maker needs information but the searching for that information generates the problem of processing a huge amount of information. At the first steps it is impossible to decide which information is relevant or not for decision-making, for that reason many organizations analyze and collecting a big quantity of information (from inside and outside organization). In many previous research 4,2,8,23,24,15 this fact is a common pattern in decision-making process. There are many examples of this: logistics (inventory management marketing (customer loyalty sales (distribution channel finance (project feasibility and others. In supply chain environments partners have similar problem independently of the nature of their contributions in the chain. domain Names join Generation xyz

inventory system thesis pdf

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We propose a new approach to support decision-making process in supply chain management. We propose modeling, store and sharing knowledge in this context. The present state of the investigation in artificial intelligence and knowledge modeling show that the opportunity to reproduce the way that human being think is far away at the moment. Furthermore, the human being thinking process and the ability to formulate and solve problem has many different aspects from one people to other. Our approach is not interested in the way that human being creates problem solutions formulations. Information in decision making context has the same role of raw material in manufacturing production environments. Based on information about situation and possible consequence of some actions, decision maker builds decision-making problem solution formulation.

Decision maker creates models in learning environments homework 21 and for that reason the approach suggest the creation of an easy way to express and interchange the knowledge that decision maker create/reuse in decision-making process. In this context, information means knowing (with some degree of reliance) the relationship between the manifestation of problem and the elements responsible for the non desired behavior of the system. The elements for learning environment in decision-making process. From Ausubels perspective 22 it is a significative learning when the process uses a common language for structuring all lecture and when the teacher uses a mechanism to make the student to uses a previous knowledge. Nutt (1993, 1999) found that managers use a learning approach to formulate and solve decision-making problem by using their previous memories about old decision situation and old decision solutions. For that reason, the approach considers two aspects to create learning environments in decision-making process: common terminologies or common language to express everything that concerns to decision-making problem and iterative procedure for structuring problem. Definition of Common Terminologies: Ontology for Supply Chain.

Information system to support decision making process. Information system is a well structured and studied research topic. Many contributions have been reached since years ago. In the context of decision-making support the promises of this system are far away to be reached yet 10,11,12,13,14. They are many differences between support and aid in the context of decision-making process. Support means that the information to take decision exist and are available to person in charged of this process and after by using some procedure/technique or model, the decision will be taken.

Decision aid implies a commitment between the analyst (methodological knowledge, domain independent) and user (domain knowledge concerning the decision process). The final objective of this process is to arrive to a consensus between the user and the analyst. The present state of information system describe a large number of unsuccessful use in many organization that invest a considerable amount of money in this system (such as erp system 16,17,18,12,19,20). Relationship between information system and decision support efforts. Even though, the information systems can be cover all enterprise information sources, managers dont use all information in decision-making process. Managers use only a few views that have means for them in the context of their activities. The present approach for support decision-making process is based on data information integration. Figure 1 illustrates the relation between gathering information for decision-making process and the acquisition share knowledge.

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This solution has a known pattern and, depending on the shmoop operative conditions of the organization, it can be either less or more effective. In the same way, it is possible to extract the decisional pattern of the solutions based on mrp i, ii, iii, and so forth with the rest of the traditional managements approaches. These patterns, in each previously mentioned example, constitute the nucleus of the management solutions that promulgate each administration tools. It is possible to keep up the thesis presented up to this point, based on the studies carried out by nutt (1993, 1999) and presented by corner 8 with a total of around 163 and 340 operative and strategic decisions respectively. With the emphasis on the verification of the fact that at the time of making the decision the persons in charged would search their memories for similar situations, learn and in each new interaction would incorporate this new knowledge. Being in this way, the case based reasoning (CBR) seems to be an alternative to support this behavior. The ideas commented previously already have references in the scientific community. Biswas and Narahari 2 proposed the use of the paradigm from Object Oriented Modeling (OOM) to create a workbench for the modeling and evaluation of decisions in the supply chains context.

inventory system thesis pdf

Introduction, from the essay organizational point of view, one of the main problems in Supply Chains management is the strategic alignment of all the members of the chain. This difficulty, in most of the cases, is determined by the ability of the partners to share strategies decisions in a logistical management environment 2,3. Independently of the context of the decisional problems that the members face, in context of the logistical administration of the chain, it is possible to identify the common patterns 4,5. These common patterns, that are shared, would constitute the base of a corporate benchmark running the length and width of the chain whose fundamental comparative indicator would be in fact, the effectiveness of the decisions made. From this perspective, the problem of alignment of the strategic management of the organizations with its informative strategy seems to be an essential key element. However, is necessary to formulate the following question: what type of information is necessary to have available to reach these objectives? The use of the term of information is polisemic 6, in the context that it is being used, the patterns previously mentioned, constitute the nature and content of the information that should be shared among the members of the supply chain. Let us take the Theory of the limitations for example (toc and let us use the dbr to refer to a strategic decision in the context of logistical management and the handling of its capacities 2,7.

from the organizational point of view, one of the main problems in the administration of the supply Chains is the strategic alignment of all the members of the chain. This difficulty, in most of the cases, is determined by the ability of the partners to share strategies decisions in a logistical management environment. Independently of the context of the decisional problems that the members face, in context of the logistical management of the chain, it is possible to identify common patterns. Generally, the persons in charge of making the decisions use their memories of their behavior in previous situations to create a new behavior that is tailored to the new conditions. We propose a general approach to modeling problem formulation and solution for theses problem to identify the common patterns previously mentioned, integrating the knowledge resulting and share it through Supply Chain. Keywords: scm, decision-making alignment, petri net, cbr, knowledge sharing and integration.

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We invented the portable document Format (PDF). When you create a pdf with Acrobat or one of our online services, you get more than a picture of your document. You get a smart file you can edit, sign, share, protect, and book search. Plus, you know it will look right on any screen. The levy library supports the education, research, and clinical information needs of the mount Sinai health System, including the Icahn School of Medicine at mount Sinai. The library provides an inviting environment designed to facilitate research, study, and collaboration. It offers an extensive collection of biomedical databases, e-journals, e-books, and print resources; and serves as a resource on information retrieval, information management and scholarly communication issues. The library is a unit of mount Sinai's. Academic Informatics and Technology division.

inventory system thesis pdf
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