Essay on grandmother in marathi language

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essay on grandmother in marathi language

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Org i have watched almost all videos on economy, my initial economy prep began with mrunals article series and videos on economy inclusive growth Mrunal, economic survey budgeting Types of budget from Pub Ad paper 1, highlights of 2016-17 budget major crops, irrigation Economic survey. Org pds, buffer, food security Mrunal. Org technology mission India year book animal rearing economics Nothing in particular food processing Mrunal. Org article series land reforms Mrunal. Org article series Liberalization Nothing specific Infra read infra related schemes from current affairs, some articles on yojana on smart cities, rurban etc investment models Vision ias pdf on same science-tech day to day life current affairs, read vision 365 booklet on same shortly before. Org and economic survey. Also, i read some articles on yojana, kurukshetra selectively.

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Culture same as for prelims Indian history same as for prelims world history for before world wars watched these roman saini videos (published on before formal launch of Unacademy) For later part history of the world by Arjun dev and Indra Arjun dev post-independence. I did not Chapters on Consolidation of India as a nation are most important Other chapters to read : Chapters 11,12,13,16,17,18,19,20,21 — all the info in these chaps may not be important, give one reading to get the perspective of what happened when and why. See the nature of questions asked in past papers, get the feel of upsc and read accordingly. Land Reforms important here and more so in gs 3 i read only Mrunal articles for this section and havent even glanced at Bipan for these till date. If there is lack of time and you are a first timer who takes lot of time to read books good alternative is ncert politics of India since independence extremely good ncert which covers almost everything required plus gives good movie suggestions if you have. Indian society no specific preparations read Vision 365 society compilation shortly before mains role of women, poverty etc. Same as above globalization on Indian society same as above communalism, regionalism, secularism Same as above world geo physical Same as prelims resource distribution Mrunal article series on the same factors for industrial location Mrunal article series on the same earthquake tsunami etc Ndma website. Indian Constitution, devolution, dispute redressal etc. Laxmikanth comparing Constitution with world Vision pdf on the topic parliament, state legislatures Laxmikanth executive-judiciary laxmikanth ministries departments Pub Ad paper 2 pressure group, informal asso. Laxmikanth Representation of peoples act read key points hvad of the act online various bodies: Constitutional, statutory., vision pdf on the same ngo, shg etc Arc 2 report social Capital read summary by target ias available online welfare schemes, bodies Yojana/kuruk articles related to the topics. Indian economy, resource mobilization Mrunal.

However, we had made it spondylolisthesis a norm of looking at the essay topic from point of view of all gs papers and the subjects within them (eg historical aspect, social aspect, legal aspect, political aspect, administrational aspect, economical, ethical etc penning down points and structuring. Further, we also had made note of some"s, which we revised regularly before mains helped for both essay and gs4. Which two essays did you write and What key points did you include in it? If development is not engendered, it is endangered. Cyberspace and Internet: Blessing or curse to the human civilization in the long run? Do not remember key points. General Studies (Mains) paper 1 Topic How did you prepare?

essay on grandmother in marathi language

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How resume did you prepare for the essay paper? I had enrolled for Essay report online test Series by vision ias. Though I was getting good marks there, my actual essay mark in cse 2016 is below par compared to the marks got by rankers this year. So, not sure if I should pen down my strategy here. However one of my friends in study group has got a whooping 170 in essay! Since we prepared together, Ill just pen down the things we did. We reviewed each others essays (4 of us). Didnt specifically prepare for.

Of attempted answers. In Prelim-2016 attempted. Correct (Expected) Official score gs 87 or 89 138.66 138.66 aptitude dont remember Didnt count I have forgotten, unable to find the downloaded marksheet! But it was above 124 less than 140 mains: Compulsory language paper Compulsory language paper your preparation strategy / booklist? English paper Nothing in particular your regional language kannada Previous day i read some tatsama tadbhava, sandhi, and couple of articles in kannada prabha. Other observations / tips / comments on the length / difficulty level of compulsory language papers in cse-2016 Dont neglect these completely, especially if you are very good at them. Practice writing regional language at least once in a while. Kannada regional paper scoring areas is mainly essay, pressi, comprehension. Finish these first so you safely cross the required mark.

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essay on grandmother in marathi language

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Topic strategy / booklist Maths reasoning Comprehension Decision making. In the recent two prelims (20 the comprehension portion becoming quite tough and lengthy. Candidates struggle even to finish the paper-II. Kindly provide some words of wisdom: i am luckily good in quantitative apti, and reasoning, so i solve those first and take limited risks with comprehension. Did you attend any mock tests? Do you think theyre necessary for success?

Didnt enroll for any. But, writing solved esl few tests of insights and Career launcher which I got through kind hearted friends (Read Telegram :D ). Also, i answered Vision Open Tests. . me and my friends noted down some good content which came in questions and we had no idea. They are not necessary per se, however prelims requires a kind of knack to enable a candidate to eliminate options, take intelligent guesses, to develop these mock tests may be helpful. However, i do not belong to the group who suggest answering many mock tests, revising all of them etc. I am pretty old school in that.

But anything I read online, i condense the info and make notes on evernote/book. Same with newspapers and current issues. In my present attempt, we were a group of 4 who studied together, so for committee reports and the like we would each read something tell it to others, and one of the others would write down in short which later served as notes for. Also, we made sticky notes on factual stuff for prelims, and things to remember for optional, and revised them multiple times. Prelims (csat) Paper-1: General studies Topic strategy/booklist/comment History Ancient Tamil nadu State 11th std text book new ncert(11th/12th) History medieval Tamil nadu State 11th std text book new ncert(11th/12th) History modern (Freedom Struggle) Spectrum a brief history of Modern India culture and society Ccrt india. Org made notes of while watching all videos and revised them, economic survey science (theory current) tmh manual science section hindu insights daily current Environment (theory current) read a booklet by Sri ram ias, kept tabs on animals/birds/national parks etc coming in news by evernoting.

Geography physical New ncert 11th, 12th, goh che leong geography India new ncert 11th, 12th geography world Goh Che leong, friends notes of Rajtanil videos on mrunal. Org other national/international current affairs Hindu insights daily current vision monthly for the time when I skipped newspapers Schemes, policy filler Stuff Nothing specific. Candidates are complaining that compared to earlier years, Prelim 2017 gs paper was very tougher, tickmasters 90 strategy (and its perverted populist version known as guessmaster- giri ) and E-learning materials had limited utility. What are you views and wisdom on all these? I would reiterate, do not neglect the base books, revise them multiple times, do not totally ignore daily newspaper reading, also only solving many mcqs and question papers without getting the basics right doesnt help. Suppose, if you had to prepare for Prelims-2018, then after going through this 2017 paper, what changes would you make in your preparation? Havent considered any change in particular. Prelims (csat paper-2: Aptitude i didnt specifically prepare for this paper after it became qualifying. However I referred rs agarwal quantitiatvie aptitude book, and reasoning book, and practiced few numericals through previous papers of sbi po, nabard Grade A  as I gave those exams in 2016.

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Paper material (books, newspapers) The trick is to get the best out of available sources, but not try eating more than we can digest. I too felt overwhelmed especially in my first attempt, when I didnt know clearly where to read what from. To balance, -have base books for each subject eg spectrum for modern history, laxmikanth for polity, ncert geo etc -if you are not working and can dedicate 2-3 hours read at least one newspaper completely and supplement with any one online source eg vision monthly/insights. Online life Answer daily hrs spent on online platforms for predicting cutoff / syllabus change / age-attempt limit change and other words peripheral-bolbachchan related to civil services. 0 Except for a bit immediately post prelims daily hrs spent on whatsapp and telegram studygroups 1-2 (optional group for answer writing/ discussions on telegram) daily hrs spent on online for exam prep. 2-3 (above 1/2hr to 1 hour on rstv) Primary device for online study: desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile laptop Style of Preparation and notes making. What is your style of preparation and notes making? I continue making notes no matter what Im reading, i just read multiple times but dont maintain notes, i make mindmaps on computer, i use xyz software etc.) Firstly, i am very lazy to make notes so i just underline in the books I read.

essay on grandmother in marathi language

Motorola where i had got placed, i talked to a senior who is 2014 batch irs. She told me to begin preparation and give the exam in 2015 itself. Once i got into the spree, i felt I want to dedicate 1-2 years completely for cse, and get back into it if it doesnt work out. So hence i started this journey in January 2015. Electronic Vs Paper material. In recent times, there is spur in electronic material- blogs, sites, pdfs, rss-feeds. Many aspirants feel bogged down by this information overload. So, how do you balance this.

Internal Motivation, struggle of Working professional, grand wisdom. Credit: Friends/family, bogus marketing Propaganda, candidate Profile,. Name, aparna h s, rank in cse-2016 613, roll. Total attempts in cse (including this one) 2, optional Subject, public Administration, schooling Medium, english. College medium, english, medium chosen for mains answers, english, medium chosen for Interview, english Home town/city bangaluru work-experience if any Internship at Motorola mobility Freelance developer at 2 startups Assistant Manager at nabard (present) Details of other competitive exams, including success/failures cat 2015 got iim. V college of Engineering, bangalore, 2015 Post-graduation Any other professional courses hobbies extracurricular achievements Carnatic classical, writing poetry, blogging, won in Intl level hackathons, All India poetry competition 2015, policy research intern at isdg, taught English to govt school friendship children through youth for seva introduction. Tell us something about yourself, your family, when and why did you enter in this field of competitive exams? My dad is retired Central govt Employee ( Dept of Telecom) and my mother is a home maker. The thought of cse was infixed in me by my father during high school days.

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Candidate Profile, education, introduction, electronic Vs Paper material, typical day in your Online life? Style of Preparation and notes making. Prelims (csat) Paper-1: General studies, prelims (csat paper-2: Aptitude, prelim accuracy. Mains: Compulsory language paper, mains: Essay, general Studies (Mains) paper. General studies (Mains) paper 2, general studies (Mains) Paper 3, general Studies 4: Ethics, Integrity, aptitude. Elasticity of Optional Subject Score, fruit mains Optional Subject, before the interview. During the interview, cSE-2016 Marksheet, views on upsc reforms, insecurity about profile.

essay on grandmother in marathi language
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  3. Page by samir Dhurde. i am very lazy to make notes so i just underline in the books I read. But anything I read online, i condense into evernote, says Aparna who secured.

  4. Hebrew h i b r u, ivrit ( listen) or ( listen) is a northwest Semitic language native to Israel, spoken by over 9 million people worldwide. Nature medicine chest essay reckless drivers essay about myself nanowires research paper essay on success comes to those who dare and act essay hvorfor straffer vistaprint essay about me talk pretty one day pay for college essays uk american dream essay thesis quiz essay. Gallery of books And toys courtesy Arvind Gupta the toy maker. Have fun and learn through toys and books.

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